Archive - Nov 8, 2008

13th century brooch declared treasure

A 13th century pentambular brooch discovered by a metal detector is Hampshire, England, in February 2008 has been declared treasure by North East Hampshire coroner Andrew Bradley. (photo)

New Peers made in the Kingdom of Atlantia

Baron Michael Batcok, Albatross Herald of the Kingdom of Atlantia, reports that at the recent War of the Wings III event, Their Majesties Jason and Gerhild chose to elevate Baroness Alesia Gillefalyn to the Order of the Pelican and offer Knighthood to Lord Afshin Darius.

Did Norse bring Christianity to Scotland?

A team of archaeologists from the University of Nottingham are trying to determine if Vikings brought Christianity to Caithness, Scotland before Saint Columba brought the religion to Iona. (video)