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[TRI] Lion's Tourney 2008: Chinese New Year

Come up to Oldenfeld to celebrate Chinese New Year in the Land of Big Fun, Feburary 8th - 10th!

Lion's Tourney 2008: Chinese New Year
Feburary 8th - 10th, 2008.

The Barony of Oldenfeld in the Kingdom of Trimaris proudly invites all to join us when we will ring in the Year of the Lion in true Land of Big Fun style!

We now have full Lyst information available! Get ready for a good time fighting for the dream! Location:
Barony of Oldenfeld (Crawfordville, Florida)

[CAL] Melon Wars IV

Melon Wars IV - Vikings vs Saxons - April 25-27 2008

Please do check the revised web site and check out the official flyer for Melon Wars IV: Location:
Shire of Flinthyll (Burlington, Iowa)

[LOC] May Crown 2008

The Shire of Darton invites you to attend May Crown in Darton. Enjoy a weekend of festivities centred around our finest fighters competing for their consorts to be the next Crown of Lochac.

Relax in our tavern on Friday night, watch the pageantry and chivalry of a crown tournament followed by a fabulous feast on the Saturday, and then on Sunday enjoy the spectacle of a rapier tourney.

Come and experience the hospitality that Darton is renowned for. Location:
Shire of Darton (Wellington, New Zealand)

[ART] Baroness' Champion

As the long winter nights give way to the first rays of spring sunshine, Antoinette Clarissa du Bete, Eighth Baroness of One Thousand Eyes, has declared that joyous merrymaking and grand tournament are in order as she selects a new champion to go forth and defend her honor from all challenges, martial or otherwise.

In keeping with the tradition of this event, to be eligible to wear the favor of Baroness? Champion the candidate must be a member of the Barony of Location:
Barony of One Thousand Eyes (Idaho Falls, Idaho)

[CAI] Practicum of the Sword

Starkhafn's School of Defence presents the second annual Practicum of the Sword for students of the Arte of Defence, and Chivalric combat, we welcome you to two days of classes on the historic masters of sword play!

Nevada Museum & Historical Society at Lorenzi Park
700 Twin Lakes Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89107

$10 for members (+$3 non-members)
Includes Lunch and Revel Saturday Evening Location:
Barony of Starkhafn (Las Vegas, Nevada)

[EAS] Bellringers

Winter is upon us, cold winds blow from the north, the sea is grey, the forests are bare, and the creatures of the wild sleep in their burrows. Gentles huddle in their homes and dream of warmer times.

It is in this darkest of seasons that warmth and friendship are most needed.

To lighten your hearts and fill your bellies the Barony of Carillion is once again proud to present our annual Baronial gathering known as Bellringers. Location:
Barony of Carillion (Barnegat, New Jersey)

[WES]Cynagua Investiture

Dregal and Bronwyn, Prince and Princess of Cynagua, Request the pleasure of your company at the Celebration of the Investiture of Their Heirs, Alden and Constantina, on Saturday, January Twenty-sixth, Anno Societatis XLII.

Please join Them at Harvest Hall at Thirty-Eight Hundred Cornucopia Way in Modesto, California between the hours of ten in the morning and ten in the evening.

Following Investiture Court, Alden and Constantina invite all Combatants to participate in a double elimination Armoured Combat Tournament. The Tournament shall be open to all entrants, with the member of the Cynaguan Guard that advances the furthest to be named Capitan. Bring your armor and come test the mettle of the Cynaguan Guard. The tournament will be double elimination. Their Highnesses request that each combatant come prepared to deliver a toast during invocation. Location:
Shire of Canale (Modesto, California)

North Wales Celtic "Land of the Dead?"

A 19th century map may be the key to a Celtic mystery: the location of the legendary Land of the Dead. According to the map, it may be in the Ruabon and Halkyn Mountains in North Wales.

[GLE] Newbie Collegium

RAGNAROK/RAGS-OR-NOT January 19, 2008 Conway, AR - Cold Springs Retreat

What Will Be Happening?
Fighters- (Heavy & Light) Come compete in our Protectorate Tourney!
Heavies- How about an Axe & Round Shield Tourney?! (contact our Fighter
Marshal Ld. Sven the White for specifics)
***Note-Axe & Round Shield will be provided by the Fighter Marshal
Light- Contact Osric for more information. Location:
Shire of Lagerdamm (Conway, Arkansas)

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The SCA Board of Directors will meet October 18, 2008 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Kingdom of the East
Halifax Marriott Harbourfront
1919 Upper Water Street
Halifax, NS B2T 0A2
CANADA Location:
Halifax, Nova Scotia

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The SCA Board of Directors will meet July 19, 2008 in Seattle, Eashington.

Kingdom of An Tir
Seattle, WA Location:
Seattle, Washington

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors of the SCA will meet April 19, 2008 in Grapevine, Texas.

Kingdom of Ansteorra
Embassy Suites - Outdoor World
2401 Bass Pro Drive
Grapevine, TX 76051 Location:
Grapevine, Texas

SCA Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors of the SCA will meet January 26, 2008 in Tampa, Florida.

Kingdom of Trimaris
Embassy Suites - Tampa Airport / Westshore
555 North Westshore Boulevard
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone: (813) 875-1555 Location:
Tampa, Florida

[ANT] 2008 Kingdom A&S Championship

Greetings to the lists, Please forward this to other interested parties; The 2008 Kingdom A&S Championship is right around the corner. This year, it is being hosted by the Barony of Dragons Laire in Silverdale, WA. The site is the lovely Silverdale Beach Hotel, previous site of the 2006 Kingdom A&S. The date is March 14 - 16th. When making reservations at the hotel, please make sure to mention the SCA to get the discount. Location:
Barony of Dragons Laire in (Silverdale, Washington)

[LOC] Rowany Newcomers AS-XLII

A new year brings new growth, and this year brings new growth in a number of areas. A new Festival site and an early Festival this year needs new faces to impress with our unique style of fun, education and sport.

Newcomers Feast is a great opportunity to bring along friends and family and show them the fun that is the SCA in Rowany.

This year's Newcomers is shaping up to be a showcase of all that makes the Location:
Barony of Rowany (Croydon, New South Wales)

Build yourself a yurt

Raoul, St. Florian de la Riviere, of the Kingdom of Lochac, has posted instruction on how to build a yurt or gher.

Two offered peerages at Caerthean 12th Night

Their Majesties of the Kingdom of the Outlands recently offered peerages to two members of Their populace, Seuilla de Cordoba and Deotrich Hiltipard, at Caerthean 12th Night.