Archive - 2007

February 22nd

Alexander's photos now on Two Ravens website

Lord Alexander has added a number of photo albums from events in the Kingdom of Ealdormere to his galleries on the Two Ravens website.

Mystery Event

It's that time of year again for Arrows' Flights' annual "And now for something completely different" event. This year's mystery is ... Where are the Arrows' Flight Archers?!!! This is to be a great event. There will be fighting of both styles with the criteria for prizes to be announced.

As is tradition (two years now) there will also be a "bad garb" contest with prizes in at least two categories: outrageously awful garb, and mix-and-match garb. So celebrate the end of winter, drag your awful garb out of the back of the closet, and come party with the Shire. Location:
Shire of Arrows' Flight (American Fork, Utah)

Position Available - Society Chronicler

Jason Williams, President of the Society for Creative Anachronism, has announced that the Board of Directors is now accepting applications for the position of Society Chronicler.

February 21st

Classic Ealdormere photos on Two Ravens

Lord Eirik Andersen has announced that he has posted a number of "classic" photos from the Kingdom of Ealdormere's history on the Two Ravens website. The collection includes some from Master Naon, Dame Tsivia and Richard Larmer.

Stinky fighters price of authenticity, but SCA still fun, says reporter

Erin Sullivan of the St. Petersburg Times in Florida visited a local SCA demo and spoke with members about the tradeoffs between full authenticity and leaving out the unpleasant parts of the Middle Ages.

Folo goes to Reenactor Fest

Lord Folo of the Middle Kingdom attended the recent Reenactor Fest in Arlington, Illinois. Part science fiction con, part gun show, but with better costumes, the convention had something for everyone, except maybe "skimpily-clad spokes models." Read Folo's thoughts on his LiveJournal blog.

Tourney of Ymir videos

Matthew of Battle has posted a selection of videos from the recent Tourney of Ymir in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Double Wars XX

Gentles of the known world, you are once more invited to the fair shire of Attemark to join another Double Wars, one that will be marked in the history of our Kingdom - Double Wars XX. This year's highlights will be many, and we will all do our best to bring the Dream to life. We will spend time having classes in the form of a mini University. We will have fighting classes, tourneys of classic and yet a set of more period fighting forms with Pas D´Armes and two grand battles; Magna Carta war and the Knäckebröd war. Archery, fencing and dancing will as always be a part of the event. Location:
Shire of Attemark (Sweden)

February 20th

Early Gaelic dress article online

Finnacan Dub (Scott Barrett) has published an extensive article entitled Early Gaelic Dress: an Introduction in Adobe Acrobat™ (PDF) format.

A history of rootbeer

The website essortment has a history of rootbeer from its origins as a miracle cure to its modern popularity as a social beverage. The site includes an early American recipe and a list of ingredients for the drink.

Cynaguan Investiture photos online

Esmeralda of the Lakes has posted her photos from the recent Investiture in the Principality of Cynaguan (Kingdom of the West).

Feast of St. Pyr

The Canton of Azurmont is hosting the Feast of St. Pyr on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, in Vinton, VA. We have a fabulous A&S class lineup scheduled, including a full track of archery classes. Come and learn a new skill! Enter one of our A&S competitions!

Track 1
10am: Duc de Berry's collections (Baroness Metylda the Cunning)
11am: Millinery (head coverings, Lady Anne Balfour) Location:
Canton of Azurmont (Vinton, Virginia)

Nordmark fighters instruct on the Vita Porten

Genevieve la flechiere of Thamesreach in the Kingdom of Drachenwald reports that a group of heavy fighters in the Principality of Nordmark (Sweden) offer instruction in fighting skills to help fighters throughout the large Kingdom.

February 19th

Japanese scrolls depict Mongol invasion

Saionji no Hanae reports that Bowdoin College has created a website to display Japanese manuscript art depicting the 13th century Mongol invasion. The scrolls were commissioned by Takezaki Suenaga to recount his actions during the invasion.

Sir Patri du Chat Gris, OL, OP dies in East Kingdom

Sir Patri du Chat Gris, OL, OP, mundanely known as Patri Pugliese, passed away February 11, 2007. He was a longtime member of the Barony of Carolingia. Sword Forum International offers a tribute on their website.

York's Barley Hall holds pleasures

Genevieve la flechiere of the Kingdom of Drachenwald reports on a visit to Barley Hall, a 15th century merchant's house, in York, England.

February 18th

Chinese bowyer upholds ancient tradition

Yang Fuxi, a crafter of traditional bows and arrows in Beijing, China, is the last of his countrymen to use the ancient methods. "I feel a responsibility towards history. A huge responsibility," he said in a Yahoo interview.

SCA Bard Publishes In-Persona Stories

G.R. Groves joined the SCA over a decade ago, and her experiences in that organization and her travels abroad inspired her to write a first-person fictional account of the travels of a Welsh Bard in the Middle Ages. The book has now been published online and in print.

Outlands Toys for Tots Challenge Totals

Master Adam Stedefast of the Kingdom of the Outlands reports on this year's Toys for Tots Challenge and the amazing number of toys collected for charity in that Kingdom.

February 17th

"Medieval Lands" offers sources for name and persona research

A great online source for documenting medieval genealogy is Charles Cawley's Medieval Lands, "the encyclopædia of territories in the medieval western world and the royal and noble families which ruled them."

Bones in chains

A shackled skeleton thought to date from between the 13th and 16th centuries C.E. has been discovered in Ávila, Spain.

Calling all voice heralds!

Lady Ysabel de Lille of the Kingdom of Artemisia has announced that she has created a new discussion list for Voice Heralds in the Kingdom, but also reports that she welcomes voice heralds from outside Artemisia.

February 16th

Toshio born in Ealdormere

Wat of Sarum reports that a son was born to Count Cennedi the Kid and his lady wife Kuniko recently in the Kingdom of Ealdormere. The young lad has a full head of dark hair and has been named Toshio.

Photos from October Crown Tourney in the Kingdom of Artemisia

Baroness Katya has posted photos from the Kingdom of Artemisia's Crown Tournament which took place in October 2006 in the Shire of Arrow's Flight.

"Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine" on Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has released an e-book edition of William Carew Hazlitt's Old Cookery Books and Ancient Cuisine. The original was published in London in 1902.

February 15th

Mid Summer Tourney

Join us for our Ancient and Honourable Midsummer Tourney, Come and take your ease, Fight if you so please, eat drink and be merry in such way as is pleasant to you.

Friday June 29- Sunday July 1

We Return to the parish of Holmbury St Mary, in Surrey

Site: Holmbury St Mary WI Hall, in Surrey It's a splendid little village hall, with a fine Pub just up the road, and nice woodland adjacent. Location:
Westdragonshire (Surrey, England)

Irish Feast & Ithra

On April 7th, the Shire of Rivers Bend and the University of Ithra invite you to Irish Feast & Ithra!! This event will be held at Shekinah Christian Center in Longview, WA. Irish Feast & Ithra has a pirate theme this year!

Bardic, A&S competitions, and children's equestrian activities will also be performed throughout the day. For the most up to date event information, please go to the Shire website: Location:
Shire of Rivers Bend (Longview, Washington)

Meridian Maneuvers

Meridian Maneuvers February 23-25, 2007 at The Parks at Chehaw, Albany, GA

Lady Birna de Gourdon
Barbara Gagnon

Feast space will be available by reservation only and will be limited to 100 seats. Contact the Autocrat:
Lady Maegwynn Attewode
Megan Byrnes Location:
(Albany, Georgia)

Ealdormere Coronation

The Barony of Ramshaven Presents The Coronation of Edouard and Domhnail

April 28, 2007

Paris Agricultural Fairgrounds
139 Silver Street
Paris, Ontario
N3L 3E7

Site opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 10:00 p.m.
Site Fees: Adults @ $8, Children 6 - 16 @ $5, Children under 6 free. $4 adult non-member surcharge where applicable. Location:
Barony of Ramshaven (Paris, Ontario)

Principality of the Mists Spring Coronet

The seasons turn, the Sun warms the land, the fields are planted, and Brion and Ysabella, Prince and Princess of the Mists seek through their demesnes for worthy successors.

Their Highnesses, Brion and Ysabella, invite all who would contend for the Coronets to gather at the Elm Grove Camping Area [ Friday night Their Highnesses will host a Hafla (Middle Eastern dance party) to welcome those who choose to attend. Saturday evening They will also host a party on the List Field to celebrate Their Heirs. So come and camp in the beautiful lands of the Mists! Location:
Principality of the Mists (Milpitas, California)