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September 7th

Southern Lakes Regional Fighter Practice and Barbeque

The air will be turning crisp and cool, the leaves may be changing, and the winter winds will be howling ere long, so- Y'all come on down and do some killin', grillin', and just plain chillin' at a regional practice on the southern end of the cities, fer a change!

The Time:
Saturday October 6 from 10 AM to oh dark whenever we quit
Folks are welcome to camp out Friday night if they wish, Location:
Lakes Region (Lakeville, Minnesota)

Oertha Fall Collegium

Come, join the Barony of Eskalya and the incipient College of St. Guinefort for Oertha's Fall Collegium, a day of classes and workshops designed to broaden your understanding of the Medieval and Renaissance world.

For your learning pleasure, you will find four tracks available to you: Fiber Arts, Language and Culture, Miscellaneous Handicrafts, and Fighters/Fighting.

The Collegium will be held the Saturday the 17th of November, 2007 from 9 AM 'til 6 PM on the UAA campus (3211 Providence Dr./ Anchorage, AK 99508). Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage, Alaska)

Florentine Masquerade

Two great Doges and their allies match wits in 15th-century Florentine style, plotting with their Councillors of Sword, Rapier, Archery, Dance and Chess to win the day and be hailed as "The Most Mighty, Cultured and Cunning City-State."

This is a combined Tournaments and Dance event. There will be heavy, rapier, archery and chess tournaments as well as dance classes all day, and Masquerade dancing starting at 5:30pm, through the evening. Everyone is encouraged to bring masks to add to the ambiance. We planned this event right after Halloween for a reason! We will have a mask-making table and supplies available during the day for anyone who wants to make their own. There will be prizes for Coolest Mask, Funniest mask and Scariest Mask. Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Aylmer, Ontario)

Fruits of Our Labour photos online

Thorolfr has posted photos from Ealdormere's Fruits of Our Labours event which took place recently in the Barony of Ramshaven.

Elfsea's Defender XXVIII

Their Excellencies Armand and Ameline, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea and Lord and Lady of Dragonsfire Tor, do invite one and all to Elfsea's Defender XXVIII and the Baronial Investiture of Dáire de Haya and Druinne de Salesberie.

This year Elsea's Defender will be held on the Brazos River in Glen Rose, TX. Site opens at 7pm (No Early Entries). Please see Gate information for site fees and additional sign-in information. Location:
Barony of Elfsea (Glen Rose, Texas)

Summits Fall 2007 Coronet

Summits Fall Coronet September 14, 2007 to September 16, 2007 - Terra Pomaria

Autocrat: Honorable Lady Adrianne von Brandenburg

Site Info:
Willamette Mission State Park
10991 Wheatland Rd NE
Gervais, OR 97026

Directions to Site: Last Event's Directions : From the North or South, Take your best route to I-5 to Exit 263 and head west on Brooklake Road (follow the signs to Willamette Mission State Park). Stay on Brooklake until it ends on Wheatland Rd and take a right. Location:
Barony of Terra Pomaria (Gervais, Oregon)

Privateer's Plunder Harvest Home

The harvest is in at our quiet lakeside town and taxes are due. The Crown has also called their Privateers to port to pay their tithes. But funds are short all around. . .

Woodmen of the World Camp
Hattiesburg, Mississippi

To raise funds the Privateers and the townsfolk will be competing for limited funds. Heavy & Light fighting, archery, live weapons, gaming and shenanigans will occur. Each crew and guild of townsfolk will pay their taxes at court! Location:
Shire of Northover (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

September 6th

English Warbow website created

A new website "dedicated to the revival of the great English warbow" offers articles, photos and links for those interested in the art of English archery.

Bards and Bows

The Damp Dragon Inn has moved! The Shire of Sterlynge Vayle welcomes all back to the new Damp Dragon Inn for Bards and Bows on September 8, 2007. This event will be held at Camp Amahami, Page Pond Road (no number), in Sanford NY. Gentles who attended the Spring Crown Tournament in May will remember this beautiful site. The site opens at 9:00 AM and closes when everything is clean on Saturday night. Anyone still lingering after 10:00 PM will be pressed into service for site clean up. Location:
Shire of Sterlynge Vayle (Sanford, New York)

Ealdormere Fall Crown Tournament

The Northern Shires of Ealdormere invite you to attend The Fall Crown Tournament of Trumbrand and Kaylah October 27, 2007

Lively District Secondary School,
265 Fifth Avenue
Lively, Ontario

Site open: 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

Site: Free!
Lunch: A variety of lunch options will be available for under $6.00
Feast: A selection of delights from al-Andalus. Adults $14.00, children 5-12 year of age $8.00, children 4 and under free. Location:
Brennisteinn Vatn (Lively, Ontario)

Robin Netherton/Laurellen de Brandevin Lecture Weekend

On Saturday, October 20, 2007 we're delighted to be hosting Robin Netherton, a researcher specializing in Western European dress of the Middle Ages.

Since 1982, she has given lectures and workshops on medieval clothing for academic audiences, historical societies, reenactment groups, and other organizations. She will be presenting the following lectures:

  • The Gothic Fitted Dress
  • The Greenland Gored Gown Location:
    Eugene, Oregon

Carnival of Saint Homobonus

The feast of St. Homobonus is an event, where we celebrate the feast day of the medieval patron saint of tailors. At this event we attempt to recreate and follow some of the traditions and festivities associated with medieval feast days of saints.

This year the feast will be a carnival! Whee! Location:
Märkiö (Hyvinkää, Finland)

Steel Rose Tournament and Feast of St Malachy

Come and join the College of St Malachy as we celebrate our 10th Birthday! We will hold our annual Steel Rose tournament in the afternoon then progress to a feast to honour our patron saint and fondly remember the last ten years and look forward to a prosperous future.

When: Saturday 20th October 2007 (see website for timetable)
Where: Bulli Masonic Hall, Princes Hwy, Bulli NSW (see website for directions) Location:
College of St Malachy (Bulli New South Wales)

Vikings and Their Enemies: a call for papers

ARC Network for Early European Research will present a symposium at the University of Melbourne November 24, 2007 entitled Vikings and Their Enemies. Proposals for papers are being accepted until October 1, 2007.

Rainn Wilson to create ren faire comedy

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that actor Rainn Wilson of The Office fame will co-write the script for a movie with fellow actor Matt Ross based on Renaissance faires.

One knight's quest achieved

Sir Brand deux-Leons of the Kingdom of An Tir offers an update on his quest to raise funds in support of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

September 5th

Loch Salaan members hold fighter practice in the park

Members of the Barony of Loch Salaan (Salt Lake City, Utah) gathered recently in Sugarhouse Park for an evening of fighter practice. Cathy Free of theDeseret Morning News covered the practice.

Shire of Bronzehelm Schola

The Shire of Bronzehelm is sponsoring a day of academia for all to learn more about the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The site is Hope United Methodist Church, 244 Wicks Lane, Billings, Montana

This is a *DRY* site.

Site opens at 12:00noon, and closes at 11:00pm. Classes will start at 1:00pm and run until 5:00pm

Classes are currently being scheduled and there is always room for one Location:
Shire of Bronzehelm (Billings, Montana)

Ealdormere Coronation

Come celebrate the secured line of the north in the glorious Ealdormerean tradtion; with good friends, fighting, singing, dancing, good natured competition, raffles, merchanting and excellent food and drink.

Rideaux Acres Campground
1014 Cunningham Rd
Kingston Ontario

Site opens 0900 and closes at 2300 Location:
Barony of Skraeling Althing (Kingston Ontario)

Hallowmas of Harrowgate Heath

It began with the Celtics, who called it Samhain. In 43 A.D. the Romans conquered the Celts, and incorporated their traditions with Samhain into a two-day celebration known as Feralia and Pomona. In the 8th century, the Christian Church replaced the Roman celebrations for their own, All Saint’s Day... however, two centuries later, the celebration was called All-Hallows Eve, and the day afterwards, All Souls Day. Location:
Canton of Harrowgate Heath (Winchester, Ontario)

Fabric, Fiber, & Fighting V

The Shire of Nithgaard will host its fifth annual textile symposium on the weekend of November 16-18, at the Sieg Conference Center located on Narrows Road in Lamar, PA (no street address). Saturday the 17th will be a day of classes and workshops devoted to fabric, string, and their glorious arts. Melee and tournament combat engagements in a medieval style will be organized by Thorvaaldr Frirsverth. Head cook Aurora Nicola will be providing a Mongolian feast. The site opens at 2PM on Friday, and closes at noon on Sunday. Location:
Shire of Nithgaard (Lamar, Pennsylvania)

Academia della Danza

The right noble lord Baron of the Ancient lands of Knights Crossing has declared that his subjects, noble in their demeanour, should learn the ancient art of dance, that they may better grace his court with knowledge of this gentler art.

To this effect, he has hired sundry dance masters from lands far and wide to come and provide instruction. For one weekend, his holding, the Pfaelzer Schloss, shall play host to a school of dance, known Location:
Barony of Knights Crossing (Gross Umstadt, Germany)

Luttrell Psalter film project

WAG Screen is creating a film based on the Luttrell Psalter, an illuminated manuscript from 14th century Lincolnshire. The film will combine images from the manuscript with live actors to produce a work which will be shown at The Collection, Lincoln’s new museum.

Games Tourney

As the oppressive summer heat slowly takes its leave, Atlantia looks back on great battles won and contemplates the upcoming crusade. Yet everyone, soldier and citizen alike, needs time to rest and recover from war, time to enjoy some of the simple pleasures of life. So before heading off on the next campaign, come join us for a day of relaxation and recreation at Games Tourney, Atlantia’s premier gaming event. Location:
Shire of Isenfir (Weyer's Cave, Virginia)

The Art of War

The Art of War is an event for the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. in the Kingdom of An Tir, Barony of Aquaterra (Everett, WA area), April 24-27 2008. The Focus in on teaching the coordinated arts of Sword, Axe, Spear, Rapier & Archery in Skirmish, Mele', War, Small Band Fighting & such.

Please check us out and join in. From Bards to Brotherhoods, Spearmen to Shieldmaidens, Cooks to Kid-wranglers, if you ever fight in more than one on Location:
Barony of Aquaterra (Everett, Washington)

Horses, Hounds and Hawks II

Did you ever wonder what goes in to the upkeep and training of a horse? Do want to learn how-tos of hound coursing? Maybe falconry fascinates you and you've always wanted to see one hunt on the wing. These and other topics along with hands-on-demonstrations will be yours when you come to the second Horse, Hounds and Hawks Collegium, to be held in the Shire of Coppertree on October 12-14.

You do not have to be an avid animal person to attend, there should be plenty for those who simply want to become educated on-lookers or who would like to learn some of the associated arts without actually having to own an animal of ones own. Classes will be posted to as presenters register. If you'd like to present, please contact Syr Alexander or Mistress Rannveigr to Location:
Shire of Coppertree (Brookfield, New York)

Embroidery Challenge II: Son of Embroidery Challenge

THL Anya Mstyslavyaya and Lady Racaire have started a blog for the second embroidery challenge "Something to keep you warm..." - the new challenge will begin on Sept. 1st 2007.

Purgatorio 2007 photographs online

Gelis has published an album of photos from the recent Purgatorio 2007 in the Kingdom of the West.

September 4th

Myths about volunteering at Estrella

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, SCA Internal Media/Website Content Coordinator, debunks myths about what it takes to volunteer at Estrella War.

Evening with the Sultan of Malwa

Their Excellencies Carrick and Katherina of Caer Galen invite you to join them as they visit the Sultan of Malwa, Nasir ud Din, in his capital city of Mandu, often called Shadiabad, the City of Joy for a day of exciting events and fabulous food.

The year is 1505 AD, and the city of Mandu is renowned through out India as a place of learning, beauty and art. The famed book Ni’matnama “The Sultan’s Book of Location:
Barony of Caer Galen (Longmont, Colorado)