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Lack of skills threatens Britain's historic buildings

Great Britain's citizens are generous with cash to protect their historic buildings, but a lack of knowledge of conservation techniques may endanger those same buildings.

Danelaw XVI: Pilgrimage to Holywell

Danelaw: Pilgrimage to Holywell, The Feast of St. Winifred Take a hard blow to the head? Lose a leg or arm in that last battle? Suffer a killing blow?

Take a drink of the miraculous waters of Holywell and find yourself restored to health and vigor, ready to fight yet another battle!

But Danelaw is is not just about the fighting! Learn about the artistry of Abbeys through Hands-on, Family-friendly activities like Location:
Barony of Bryn Madoc (Rutledge, Georgia)

3,000 year old beehives found in the Middle East

Archaeologists excavating the ruins of the city of Rehov, in northern Israel, have found thirty intact beehives and other apicultural artifacts dating to approximately 900 B.C.E.

Search for the Renaissance (Wo)Man

Arn Hold seeks her own Renaissance man or woman, who can demonstrate ability in multiple fields. The competition will take place on November 3 at All Saints Episcopal Church in Boise, and will accompany the new Baronial Investiture. Come for a day of pomp and ceremony, of skill and sheer fun, of learning and doing. The winner will receive a (nominal, I admit) commission for a permanent display piece for future baronial demos. Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Boise, Idaho)

Feast of Knowledge

Harvest time is upon us in the beautiful (and windy!) northwest of Atenveldt, and we are all busy gathering in our grains and fruits before the cold winds of winter come. Four local Lords are feuding over the right to harvest one particular field for its rich crop of grain.

As these Lords are unable to decide who has the legal right to harvest the field, they've decided to settle this the proper way. Location:
Shire of Windale (Kingman, Arizona)

Bordescros's Tenth Birthday

Be it known that on October 20, 2007, Lochac's jewel in the crown, the fair shire of Bordescros, will be celebrating our tenth Anniversary.

This is an invite to all and sundry to come and celebrate in true Bordescros fashion. Dress to impress (Royalty will be there).

This is a catered event and bookings only. No booking, no event.

Costs will be $10.00 plus
Members $5.00
Non Members $8.00 Location:
Shire of Bordescros (West Albury, New South Wales)


Come join us to relive the Wars of the Roses as they might have been. Activities of all kinds will be centered on the years 1455-1487 as the York and Lancaster houses fought for the throne of England. Who will be victorious?

Marshal Activities:

Heavy Combat & Rapier:
Team based melee combat with varied settings (open, woods, & portal). Each team (4-8 perticapants per team) will represent one of the historical nobles that fought in the Wars of the Roses. Teams will fight for the houses of York and Lancaster attempting to carry their side to victory. Contact Auric von Regensburg (David Hernly) for more information regarding team requirements and recommendations. Location:
Barony of Tir-y-Don (Newport News, Virginia)

Holiday Faire

The wars are over for now and it has been a profitable season for all. The fighters are returning home after hard fought battles and they are returning with their bounty. The farmers have finished harvesting their summer crops and are taking a well-earned rest. Now is the time to come together and celebrate with festivities and shopping.

Merchants have replenished their inventories and are gathering in Stierbach for the festivities. Come spend the day shopping, visit with old and new friends, watch the martial activities, pick up those treasured Twelfth Night presents that can only be found here at Holiday Faire, enter into the arts and sciences competition and don't forget to place a bid or two at the silent auction! Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Manassas, Virginia)

Northshield Fall Crown Tournament


YMCA Child Development Center
aka The Old YMCA Armory
835 West Main Street
Lead, SD 57754

Site is handicap accessible, no pets or smoking, DRY!

Site opens 8:30 am to combatants, consorts and merchants; 9:30 populace.

From I-90 West: Take Exit 17 (Hwy 85) to Deadwood From Sturgis/ I-90 East : Take Exit 30 (Hwy 14A) to Deadwood Location:
Shire of Noiregarde (Lead, South Dakota)

Rapier Academy

The Barony of Thescorre is pleased to announce the return of the Rapier Academy! Join us on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at the breathtaking Main Street Armory (900 E. Main St. Rochester NY 14605) for a day of learning, fighting, comaradie and fun!

The site will be open from 9am until 9pm, with first classes beginning at 10am. The site has limited handicapped accessibility, it is extremely wet, and there will be Location:
Barony of Thescorre (Rochester, New York)

Tourney of the Yellow Rose

The Proposed Shire of Radburne wishes to invite one and all to the Tourney of the Yellow Rose. Venture forth to the shores of the Red River to celebrate honour, chivalry and friendship.

Arrive for a light lunch at the hour of one in the afternoon on Saturday the 17th day of November ASXVII at Dragon Hill. Spend the afternoon in the pursuits of target archery, learning or teaching others to dance and the Location:
Proposed Shire of Radburne (Dubbo New South Wales)

Darter's Pennsic photos

Darter the Chronicler has posted photos from Pennsic 36.

"SCA: it's like going home"

"If you've gone through your life liking the Ren fairs and you get into the SCA, it's like going home," said Jeff Mason of Stevens Point, Wisconsin at a recent event sponsored by the Shire of Falcon's Keep. Shenandoah Sowash of the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune has the story.