Archive - Sep 1, 2007

Edinburgh's lost tower found

Archaeologists working at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland have found what they believe to be remnants of the Constable's Tower, destroyed during the reign of Elizabeth I. The tower was thought to have been lost forever.

Footprint in time

The footprint of a hobnailed sandal has caused quite a stir since it was discovered during work at the Roman city of Sussita, east of Lake Kinneret in Israel.

Hunter's Moon

The Shire of Hartstone would like to invite one and all to their annual event,Hunter's Moon on October 20th at the Andover Rod and Gun Club, P.O. Box# 548 Kilbane Road, Andover, N.Y. 14806.

Site opens 9 a.m. and Closes 5 p.m. This Year's theme is a "Scadian Pentathlon" with; Archery, Thrown weapons, fencing,heavy weapons, and an A&S competition. Youth contests in all areas if enough interest.There will be a sideboard buffet from 12 noon till 4 p.m. with various foods. Merchants are welcome.This is a "Scadian Pentathlon" to test everyone's prowess. You can compete in as many events as we have, or if you prefer, stick with one all day. The Pentathlon winner will be the individual who score the most points.Each station will also have it's own tourney winner. Fun for all is to be had ! Location:
Shire of Hartstone (Andover, New York)

Triumphe II

The Province of Mooneschadowe presents TRIUMPHE II September 14-16, 2007

Will Rogers Boy Scout Camp
Cleveland, Oklahoma

Site Fee:
Adult (18 years and older)$10
Teen (13-17 years old)$7
Child (5-12 years old)$5
Child (0-4 years old)FREE

Feast Fee:
Fee (any age) $8
Child Feast (any age)$5
**Make all checks payable to SCA Inc./Province of Mooneschadowe Location:
Province of Mooneschadowe (Cleveland, Oklahoma)

Rampage on the River

The Shire of Ironwood Loch would like to welcome all to our Rampage on the River along the banks of the Colorado River. Bring dish for potluck. Potluck will take place at sundown Saturday. This year's event has been changed to a one day event. You may camp Saturday evening. Site is wet. Pets welcome but must be leashed, smoking is allowed, bring shade. There will be a single communal fire pit. Porte potties will be available. There is a boat ramp for water toys. Location:
Shire of Ironwood Loch (Ehrenberg, Arizona)

Ered Sulabration

Come enjoy a day in the cool, grassy Pine trees of Flagstaff!

When: Saturday, September 15th. 10 am – 5 pm.
Where: Thorpe Park, 191 North Thorpe Road, Flagstaff, AZ
Why: Highlands War Fundraiser
How much: $6 (plus $3 non-membership fee). Youth 6-17 $4.

Hardsuit and rapier fighters, come for the crazy fun one-person and two-person mixed weapons tourneys. Barrier battles, battle circle, Location:
Barony of Ered Sul (Flagstaff, Arizona)

Ealdormere Arts and Sciences Competition

The annual Arts and Sciences competition for the Kingdom of Ealdormere will be held on Saturday November 17, 2007 in the Canton of Petrea Thule to be held at St. John's Anglican Church, 99 Brock Street, Peterborough, Ontario.

Directions to Event Location
From Toronto: Take Hwy 401 East to Hwy 115 NorthHwy 115 North to The Parkway / Sir Sandford Fleming Drive exit Turn slight right onto The Parkway Location:
Canton of Petrea Thule (Peterborough, Ontario)

Pommels and Plates

Not fighting in Crown because you didn't think you were ready? We've got a tournament for you. Fighting in Crown and you want another chance to prove that your performance wasn't a fluke and all that training really did pay off? We've got a tournament for you.

Is your weapon of choice thin and flexible? Would you rather throw rocks at their houses than take your chances face to face? Is your Location:
Barony of Atenveldt (Buckeye, Arizona)

Cookstown photographer finds medieval photo-op

A photographer from was on hand recently in Cookstown, Ontario as members of the local SCA group invaded the Agricultural Fairgrounds. The resultant photo album is available online.

AEthelmearc Fall Coronation

Unto the Populace of the Glorious Kingdom of AEthelmearc, we invite all to come to the Incipient Shire of Riversedge, sponsored by the Shire of Stormsport for the Coronation of Duncan and Ilish, and to celebrate the legacy of King Rurik and Queen Angelik.

Coronation will be held on September the 15th at St. Anthonys Catholic Church Social Hall, 165 Beach Avenue, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403. The site opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m. The site is Location:
Incipient Shire of Riversedge (Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania)

Lochac Rattan Symposium

The Barony of Politarchopolis and the Shire of Arrowsreach invite you to attend a unique opportunity to learn from two of the SCA's most renowned combatants. 2 full days of intense workshops will cater to all levels of experience.

Featuring Duke Paul Bellatrix and Duke Brannos O'Irongardail

Latrobe Park Scout Hall, (opposite Canberra Girls Grammar) Gawler Crescent, DEAKIN, ACT. Location:
Barony Of Politarchopolis (Deakin, ACT)

Lord Mayor's Market Day 2007

Join the Royal City of Eoforwic and Lord Pelayo in a traditional day of fighting, fencing, merchanting, and A&S display, classes, children's activities, and the usual Eoforwic silliness.

Back again after much demand is the Armoured combat knife fight tavern brawl. Bring your creative parrying objects (foam bottles, chickens, foam stools, etc)

When, where, and how much?
Date: Sep 29, 2007 Location:
Royal Citie of Eoforwic (Etobicoke, Ontario)

Golden Tygre Tavern & Lucan's Ducal Challenge

We are happy to announce that the Golden Tygre Tavern will be opening for business again this September. This year we will have the honor of being on the battlefield of Lucan's Ducal Challenge. His Grace is planning a tourney of proportions rarely seen in these lands. Melee teams of ten warriors will battle against one another for superiority on the field.

On a hard day of fighting (and watching your favorite team), all are Location:
Barony of the Bridge (Coventry, Rhode Island)

Civil War XVI

The peasants and the fishermen in the shire of Juneborg are arguing about the fishes in the great lake Vättern. Both sides call fighters to win the quarrel in the Civil War at the beautiful site Sandhem, the same site as the Crown Tourney. There will be fighting, fencing bow shooting, A&S exhibition and lessons during Saturday and when the peace is established, there will be a wonderful banquet in the evening to the music of our troubadours. Later we will dance and party. Location:
Shire of Juneborg (Sandhem, Sweden)

Festival of St John

The Canton of Cluain invites you to join us for the Festival of St John. 28-30 September 2007. The beautiful setting of Pirongia lodge will be host to Archery, Tourneys, Siege War, Arts and Sciences, Good Food and Friends.

$70 per Adult
$40 (+ $1 per year of their age) per child (under 15)

Costs include:
Accommodation, Feast, Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and Sunday Location:
Canton of Cluain (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Archers to the Wald

The Canton of Steltonwald invites one and all to come and fling your arrows and other sharp pointy objects at this year's Archers to the Wald. Many of the well-known marshals of our kingdom including many Scarlet Guard members will be running various ranges throughout the day, including several roving, novelty and long distance ranges. There will even be some archery classes offered. Several of the Scarlet Guard members have also agreed to make themselves available for one-on-one coaching, tips and techniques throughout the day. Location:
Canton of Steltonwald (New Brighton, Pennsylvania)

Chalice of the Sun God IV

Once again, the cry goes forth for all heroes to vie for glory and honor in the Chalice Championships. And for those who choose to attempt it, there is the legendary 'Chalice of the Sun God', the cup of Helios given to Hercules in the course of his labors. Please join us for this unique challenge!

After last year's celebration of Poseidon's Return, Athena has decreed a challenge unto him. Who will win the challenge? As a team or as an individual, choose who you will support - Athena or Poseidon? Total points will win the day! Location:
Barony of Ponte Alto (Triangle, Virginia)

Dragon’s Arts and Sciences Display

The Barony of Dragonsspine invites you to The Dragon’s Arts and Sciences Display, Baroness’ Prize, and Populace Choice Competition

Calling all Artisans and Scientists! Come and join the Barony of Dragonsspine for a relaxed day of Arts and Sciences display and competition. Display your art or science, display your knowledge, and have fun talking and networking with other artisans and scientists. Location:
Barony of Dragonsspine (Woodland Park, Colorado)

"Exquisitely carved" statue of Hadrian found in Turkey

A large statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian has been discovered by archaeologists from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) in Sagalassos, an ancient Greco-Roman city in south-central Turkey. (photos)