Archive - Sep 2007

September 30th

"Devil's Bible" goes home to Prague

After 359 years in Stockholm, the Codex Gigas, also known as the Devil's Bible, has been returned to the Czech National Library in Prague for an exhibition. The book was supposedly written 800 years ago with the help of the devil.

Defender of the Fort XXV photos online

Lord Collwyn O'Snowdon reports that he has posted an album of photos from the recent Defender of the Fort XXV event which took place in the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

C&C 2008: Barbary Pirates vs The Knights of Rhodes

The Barbary Pirates under the leadership of the most dreaded Barbarossa Brothers are advancing into the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. Loyal citizens of the Trimarian Crown are being oppressed and attacked. The sea passage is no longer safe, and heralds are being sold into slavery!

As the knights of Rhodes rally the subjects of the Trimarian Crown to defend the lands and the seas, the Barbarossa Brothers did not rest on their Laurels [the ones they kidnapped, that is) and have been recruiting many more scurvy dogs to fill their ranks. The final battle is near! Battle with the knights and the pirates and lead one to supremacy over the Mediterranean Sea! Location:
Camp Immokalee, Keystone Heights, FL

Recall of Knights of the Sword Toys

Britain’s “Knights of the Sword” series toys recalled due to high levels of lead paint.

Oklahoma State University Students go medieval on Library Lawn

Ted Bado, Staff Writer for the Daily O’Collegian (Oklahoma State University), recently visited a fighter practice and demo by members of Mooneschadowe, the local SCA group and the university's Medieval Studies Group.

September 29th

Estrella WarXXIV: Want to pay the least $$ to attend??

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, Acting Kingdom Media Officer for the Kingdom of Atenveldt, shares information on pre-registration for Estrella War XXIV

Own an authentic Roman bath!

Have an extra UK£300,000? If so, you can purchase an authentic Roman bath house in the town of Battle, East Sussex, England built in the first century C.E. for officers in the Roman navy.

[WES] West Kingdom Crown Tournament

Their Majesties Hauoc and Ginevra invite the populace to join them in witnessing the selection of Their Heirs in beautiful Tres Pinos, California.

There will be a grand Carnival/Performing Arts festival and many artisans of Their Realm shall perform and play and be a part of the festival. It will begin at 11am in conjunction with the Queen's Tea.

Site will open at noon on Friday and close at 4:00pm Location:
West Kingdom (Tres Pinos, California)

[WES] West Kingdom 12th Night A.S. 42

The Royalty of the West and the The Barony of Westermark cordially invite you to attend Grand Coronation Festivities January 4th-6th, A.S. 42 (2008) Doubletree Hotel San Jose

Gates open Friday January 4th from 4pm-10pm and Saturday January 5th from 8am.- 4pm

We are planning many activities for the Week-end, from Friday on, including:

  • A “Wandering Entertainment” Competition - Any interested entertainers, contact the committee Location:
    Barony of Westermark

[MER] Unchained Doom XX

One stormy afternoon amidst hail the size of boulders, a tradition was born. Help us return to our roots and celebrate the founding of our Shire. Twenty years ago our foundation was poured, join us as we celebrate our signature event, Unchained Doom 20. Join us as we gather our founders, the Roll of the Legion of Doom, and all those who wish to be a part of history for a weekend of fighting, feasting and friendship. Location:
Shire of An Dun Theine (Blountsville, Alabama)

Barbarian Bash 2007 photos online

Lord Kormak has posted photos from the recent Barbarian Bash 2007 which took place in the Kingdom of Artemisia.

AEthelmearc welcomes new citizen

Lord Dafydd MacNab of the Shire of Rivers Edge in AEthelmearc has announced the birth of his son Robert James George.

September 28th

AEthlemearc Fall 2007 Coronation videos online

Master Hogge de Watlynge has posted video on YouTube from the recent Coronation in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc.

UTK Medieval Scholar Becomes MacArthur Fellow

Jay Rubenstein, an associate professor at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, has received a MacArthur Fellows grant to pursue further research projects and instruction into the history of the medieval period.

A Calontiri in Ealdormere

Conde Fernando Rodriguez de Falcon of the Kingdom of Calontir recently traveled north with a few companions to attend Bonfield for Baron's Howe in the Canton of Flaming Sky (Ealdormere).

Armor stolen in Eastrealm

Andris Lowenstein reports that his car containing his armor was stolen in Hartford, Connecticut. He is seeking help to watch for the stolen armor on eBay or other sites.

September 27th

More Outlands Crown Tourney Photos online

Michaela Kunrat has posted photos from the recent Crown Tournament which took place in the Kingdom of the Outlands.

Costume Colloquium: A tribute to Janet Arnold

Janet Arnold’s pioneering research into the cut and construction of clothes from the sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries provide invaluable information on clothing from the past. Her series of publications entitled Patterns of Fashion continues to make a profound impact in many fields, from the re-creation of historic dance and other forms of re-enactment to designs for stage, film and television. For art historians and conservators too, her insights have proved an indispensable aid to historical research. Location:
Florence Italy

[ATL] Winter Solstice: Murder in the Dead of Winter

Good friends, on this day in the year 1547 in Venice Italy, you are cordially invited to join us for a wedding celebration! The well-to-do family has laid on an amazing day of festivities, highlighted by a feast guaranteed to delight, prepared by His Grace Duke Lucius Aurelius Valharic. Unfortunately, this happy day is destined to be marred by murder(s) most foul!

But this wedding is more than a stage play, and you dear friends are more than celebrants. We are counting on you to answer the age old questions "Whodunit?" and "why?" At the end of the afternoon, each guest will be asked to fill out a sheet of paper describing their interpretation of the mystery, and who the culprit(s) is(are). After evaluating the detectives' work, the murderer(s) will be hauled off in chains to face the King's Justice, and the detective who solved the crime most correctly will win a prize. Location:
Barony of Sacred Stone (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)

[OUT] War of the Staked Plains XIII

Blackwater Keep invites you to attend the War of the Staked Plains XIII, September 28-30, 2007 at Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM.

Times: Site opens 6:00pm Friday, closes 2:00pm Sunday
Sponsoring Group: Blackwater Keep
Location: Castillo Llano Estacado, Clovis, NM 88101.

Autocrat: Lady Gyda Magnusdotter

Site Fees:
Adults: $7.00, $3 non-member surcharge Location:
Blackwater Keep (Clovis, New Mexico)

Pictures from the Outlands Fall Crown Tourney 2007

A photo album captures the memories from the Outlands Crown Tournament, wherein Lord Alrik Boleslavson, fighting for the honor of Lady Slaine, defeated Duke Olaf in the final round.

Ancient Roman map available online

The Peutingerian Map, thought to be the oldest surviving road map in the world, is now available for study on the Internet through collaboration between the Austrian National Library and Christos Nüssli of

Glory Wars photos online

Antonio Felluci has posted an album of photos from the recent Glory Wars in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Ar n-Eilean-ne celebrates 20th anniversary

Duchess Marieke van de Dal of the East Kingdom reports on the recent 20th anniversary celebration for the Shire of Ar n-Eilean-ne (St. John's, Newfoundland).

September 26th

Baron Morvran Corbet de la Flamme victorious in Atlantia's Masters of Defense Tourney

Baron Morvran Corbet de la Flamme, Knight of Atlantia, was victorious for a third time in a unique tournament held in the Barony of Lochmere recently.

Drachenwald Crown Combatants announced

Their Majesties Alaric and Nerrisa, King and Queen of the Kingdom of Drachenwald, have announced the combatants and consorts for Their upcoming Crown Tournament. The event will take place October 12-14, 2007 in Norwich, England.

A new "Paradiso"

Robert and Jean Hollander have produced a new translation of Dante's masterpiece Paradiso, the third book of the Divine Comedy. Jean Hollander, a poet, was in charge of writing the verse, while Robert Hollander, a Dante scholar, preserved the accuracy of the original. Joan Acocella of The New Yorker has a review.

Octopus finds 12th century dish

An octopus caught recently by a Korean fisherman was hauled on board clutching a 900-year-old piece of pottery. The catch has led to the discovery of more than 30 12th century bowls.

September 25th

Trillium Wars photos online

Eirik Andersen has released a wonderful album of photos from the Kingdom of Ealdormere's Trillium Wars on the Two Ravens website.

Nationwide fighter practice database

His Majesty Logan Ebonwoulfe, King of Atlantia, has created a database of fighter practices in the United States for newcomers or travelers looking for heavy fighting in the SCA.