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August 18th

Medievalist blog listing online

Shana Worthen has created an alphabetical listing of Medievalist weblogs including a short description and frequency of medieval topics discussed.

Researchers hope modern science will solve mystery deaths

Researchers working in St Mark's Basilica in Florence, Italy have exhumed the bodies of two Medici-era literary figures hoping that they can solve the mystery of the men's deaths.

5th century Byzantine church found in Israel

A team of Israeli archaeologists working on a site near the city of Tiberias have discovered an ancient Byzantine church believed to date from the 5th century.

Time for Tudor

Once again it is Time for Tudor! It's time for an evening of dancing and merriment; a time to revive the pagentry of the Elizabethan costume party with a Grande Masked Ball.

Come dressed in your Tudor and Elizabethan fashions and show off how creative you can be in your costumes and light on your feet across the dance floor.

There will be dancing lesson and several contests including Best Location:
Barony of Eskalya (Anchorage Alaska)

Season of the Wolf XV

The March of St. Martin is pleased to present Season of the Wolf XV

September 15, 2007

Brooke Alvinston Inwood Community Center Complex
3310 Walnut St.
Alvinston, Ontario

Site opens 9:30 am and closes 11:00 pm

A Change of Seasons
Following the positive experience and response to Fall Coronation 2006, Season of the Wolf is now an Autumn event.

A&S Activities for all ages are planned throughout the day. Location:
March of St. Martin (Alvinston, Ontario)

Bryn Gwlad’s Fall Faire

Bryn Gwlad’s fall harvest has been bountiful. Come and share in our celebration September 28-30th 2007

There is a small village with clear water, friendly locals, open land with which to run your horse and list. There is plenty of area near town for the musicians and entertainers to roam. This area is protected from the elements by mighty pecan trees making it a pleasant spot for a Fall Harvest Celebration. There will be a great procession into town to show the good bounty that is Bryn Gwlad . Baron Thomas will set a fine table on the green serving feast under the watchful eye of Baron Niklas and his staff. Location:
Barony of Bryn Gwlad (Coldwater Canyon, Texas)

Bi-annual Masked Revel

The March of Wealhhnutu is having our Bi-annual Masked Revel. This year we are doing something new! We are having a Scavenger Hunt, BUT the hunt will take place BEFORE our event!

The items to be found are:
Silverware set, Plate and Bowl, Tankard, Pillow with Kingdom Heraldry, Belt, Tapestry, 101 Buttons, 5 Plumes or Quills, Snood, A piece of Traditional Chainmaile, Authentic Sewing Kit, Beeswax Candle, Leather Pouch, A Mace, Flask, Torque, Rune Set or Tarot Cards, A Hand Flower, 10 Pieces of Parchment, A Hip Scarf with Coins, Byzantine Necklace, A Boar, A Pirates Hat, and A Cloak of Kingdom Colors. Location:
March of Wealhhnutu (Sonoita, Arizona)

Spring War XII

Mordenvale once again invites the citizens of the Kingdom of Lochac and the Known World to participate in the annual fighting, feasting and general good fun that is Spring War.

Event Timetable:
Site Open at 1pm. Arrive and set up.

Morning: Armour Inspections and Scenario Rules
Afternoon: War
Evening: Feast and entertainment.
All Day: A & S Collegia (Break for Lunch) Location:
Barony of Mordenvale (Branxton, New South Wales)

Fall Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia wishes to cordially extend an invitation to the entirety of the Knowne World to join us once again for a weekend of fighting, frolicking, and revelry in the shade of the beautiful oak trees of Potrero.

Potrero County Park
24800 Potrero Park Road
Portrero, California 91963 Location:
Barony of Calafia

Brot, Wurst und Spiele II photos online

Vrank reports that the photos and a short movie of the recent Brot, Wurst und Spiele II event in the Kingdom of Drachenwald (22nd-24th June 2007) have been published.

August 17th

Why I went to Pennsic for 41 hours (and have the pictures to prove it)

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her adventures at Pennsic - and some of her photos.

Harvest Festival

Please join us for a day of fun and celebration. The day will start out with a small court. Then we proceed to the fun with a bells and pillows tourney and a bottle jousting tourney, both of which are open to all ages. There will also be table games available to use. We will also be hosting a Deed of Arms, where Sir Cadfarch will take on all challengers for glory and honor. Throughout the day we will have bardic performances, showing the talents of our barony. Location:
Incipient Canton of Ravenhyrst (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Englishman flings pianos with his trebuchet

What do rich - and somewhat eccentric - Englishmen do with their money? Why, they build giant trebuchets and fling flaming pianos to their doom, of course! Watch the YouTube video.

Gothic Wars XVI

The Bloody Baron of Elfsea, Armand Dragonetti, has issued challenge to the readiness of the warriors of the Barony of Bonwicke and the whole of the lands of the Western Region.

Even now, Baron Armand gathers his forces to come and test the mettle of the west, with the hopes of laying claim to the vast farmlands that lie between the Shires and Barony of the Western Region. Whichever side you find most just, the time to prepare is nigh. Gather your gear, Location:
Barony of Bonwicke (Sweetwater, Texas)

Content Wanted for the Fall Issue of Mead, Meat & More

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid, Editor of Mead, Mead & More, the quarterly subsidiary publication to the Northstar (Northshield’s A&S newsletter), is seeking submissions for the Fall 2007 issue. Submissions are due by August 18, 2007.

Byzantine mosaic found in Israel

An elaborately-decorated mosaic floor dating to the 6th century has been discovered near the Israeli city of Palmahim. The floor is thought to have belonged to the dining area of a Byzantine villa.

August 16th

Beowulf trailer online

A trailer from the upcoming film Beowulf is now available to download. The Robert Zemeckis film is scheduled to open in theatres November 16, 2007.

Baroness' Champion

Come! It is time once again to gather and enjoy the choosing of the new Champion for the Baroness of Selviergard! Pitch your pavilion within the Selviergard encampment and enjoy the most excellent fighting, dancing and fireworks!

On Saturday please join Baroness Katarzina in watching all the fighters come together and by right of heavy weapon combat compete for the chance to become Her Excellency's new Champion. No claimant shall be Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Houston, Alaska)

Southern Region Fighter, Archery and Equestrian Practice

Southern Region Fighter, Archery and Equestrian Practice Sept 29 - 30 2007

Site opens Friday at noon and closes Sunday at noon

Site Fee: $7 plus $3 non-member surcharge when applicable Children 5 and up $2 Sorry, no Reservations

Classes on the different weapon styles and a tournament to show your skill. Location:
Shire of Oakheart (Hartville, Missouri)

Autumn Rose XIII

The Shire of Rokeclif is proud to announce Autumn Rose XIII August 31st - September 2nd (Labor Day Weekend)

Trempeleau County Fairgrounds (Galesville, WI)

Escape to the Current Middle Ages with the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Shire of Rokeclif as they celebrate thirteen years of hosting their signature Autumn Rose event. See the Arts of War (armored combat, fencing and archery) side-by-side of with the Arts of Peace (medieval crafts and demonstrations). Location:
Shire of Rokeclif (Galesville, Wisconsin)

Revel in the Vale

Greetings one and all! The Shire of Schattentor would like to cordially invite everyone to a weekend of fun, fighting, and just good ole relaxation!

Come join us over Labor Day weekend for Revel in the Vale!

When: Site opens Friday 8/31/07 at 9:00 and closes Monday 9/3/07 at noon

15925 Deerview Road
Piedmont, SD 57769

Site fee: Ages 14 and up - $3 per person… Ages 13 and under - free Location:
Shire of Schattentor (Piedmont, South Dakota)

Northshield Coronation

The Kingdom of Northshield and the Shire of Falcon's Keep cordially invite you to attend the Seventh Royal Coronation of Northshield on this 8th day of September, A.S. XLII

The Hotel Mead and Conference Center
451 E. Grand Avenue
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494

Traveling on Highway 54 from the West: Location:
Shire of Falcon's Keep (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)

Cecil's Siege III

Cecil's Siege III, sponsored by several Northshield groups, takes place September 13-16, 2007.

Ufford Hills Event Grounds
3821 E Main St
Vermillion SD 57069

Site Opens 5 p.m. Thursday and Closes Noon Sunday
No Reservations or advance payments accepted.

$15 per adult Site Fee for SCA members. $18 for non-members. (Under 16 Free. $45 Family Max). $5 per Rider Fee to cover Equestrian Insurance. Location:
Shire of Border Downs & other Northshield shires (Vermillion, South Dakota)

Woodland Romp V

The Shire of Skerjastrond cordially invites its neighbors, cousins, and friends (past, present, and future) to come visit the northeast frontier of Northshield August 17-19, 2007.

WR 5 will be a small, relaxed event focusing on various period games. We will have a thrown weapons marshal available, so if you want to throw sharp things, come on up.

We would like to have more fighting, but here is where we Location:
Shire of Skerjastrond (Escanaba, Michigan)

Wolf Company sunshade disapears from Pennsic battle field

This article is a plea to the populace of the Known World to please help Wolf Company locate their battle field sunshade.

Exhibit of Indian paintings at the British Museum

"Faith, Narrative, and Desire: Masterpieces of Indian painting in the British Museum" will be on display through November 11, to commemorate 60 years of Indian independence.

August 15th

The Calon Scrolls

This quarter's issue of the Arts and Sciences newsletter of Calontir, The Calon Scrolls, is available online for all to read. This issue's theme is Cooking and Beverages, and there are articles on a chocolate drink, Medieval table manners, a Middle Eastern dinner, a period malting house, wafers, and much more.

Pennsic Photos online

Lady Anna de Byxe reports on the Drachenwald mailing list that she posted her photos taken at Pennsic.

Meridies Selects Two New Pelicans

Their Royal Majesties Boru IIII and Deirdre II of Meridies announced at R.U.M. (Royal University of Meridies) on July 21, 2007 the elevation of THLady Aislinn Chaomhanach and THLord Cuhelyn Cam vap Morcant into the Order of the Pelican.

August 14th

Harvest Days

This year Harvest Days will be holding the Kingdom Tournament of Chivalry, in which Knights stand ready to fight unbelted fighters from across the Kingdom. Unbelts have the opportunity to trade blows with the Knights of the Kingdom for training purposes, or to test their skill.

After the TOC we will be holding our Traditional Tavern Brawl, in which combatants bring unusual and humorous duct tape foam weapons. Children are encouraged to create their own foam projectiles during children's activities and add to the festivities by targeting their favorite fighter. Location:
Dayton, Ohio