Archive - Aug 17, 2007

Why I went to Pennsic for 41 hours (and have the pictures to prove it)

Viscountess Elashava bas Riva shares her adventures at Pennsic - and some of her photos.

Harvest Festival

Please join us for a day of fun and celebration. The day will start out with a small court. Then we proceed to the fun with a bells and pillows tourney and a bottle jousting tourney, both of which are open to all ages. There will also be table games available to use. We will also be hosting a Deed of Arms, where Sir Cadfarch will take on all challengers for glory and honor. Throughout the day we will have bardic performances, showing the talents of our barony. Location:
Incipient Canton of Ravenhyrst (Castle Rock, Colorado)

Englishman flings pianos with his trebuchet

What do rich - and somewhat eccentric - Englishmen do with their money? Why, they build giant trebuchets and fling flaming pianos to their doom, of course! Watch the YouTube video.

Gothic Wars XVI

The Bloody Baron of Elfsea, Armand Dragonetti, has issued challenge to the readiness of the warriors of the Barony of Bonwicke and the whole of the lands of the Western Region.

Even now, Baron Armand gathers his forces to come and test the mettle of the west, with the hopes of laying claim to the vast farmlands that lie between the Shires and Barony of the Western Region. Whichever side you find most just, the time to prepare is nigh. Gather your gear, Location:
Barony of Bonwicke (Sweetwater, Texas)

Content Wanted for the Fall Issue of Mead, Meat & More

ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen Cuthbaid, Editor of Mead, Mead & More, the quarterly subsidiary publication to the Northstar (Northshield’s A&S newsletter), is seeking submissions for the Fall 2007 issue. Submissions are due by August 18, 2007.

Byzantine mosaic found in Israel

An elaborately-decorated mosaic floor dating to the 6th century has been discovered near the Israeli city of Palmahim. The floor is thought to have belonged to the dining area of a Byzantine villa.