Archive - Jul 5, 2007

Venetian isolation hospital gives up secrets

Archaeologists are excited over the revelations discovered during the excavation of graves on Lazzaretto, an island in the lagoon of Venice where the city's sick were isolated. The intensive study has led to incredible discoveries involving disease, diet and genetics.

Ames, Iowa: medieval center

Ames, Iowa is definitely a center for medieval activities according to an article in the Iowa State Daily. Staff writer Jenn Hanson reports that both the Society of Creative Anachronism and the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society have chapters there.

Hellsgate Tournament

Join us in the beautiful Bitterroot mountains on the first weekend of July, 2007 for our annual Hellsgate Tournament. Bring your 5 person melee teams, and your enthusiasm.

Besides various fighting scenarios , there will be torchlight chariot jousting, a combat archery duel, an ax throwing contest, a basket weaving class (not underwater!) taught by Dame Bronwen, other classes, gatherings and activities yet to be announced. Location:
Barony of Sentinels' Keep (Stevensville, Montana)

Barbarian Brawl

Barony of Small Gray Bear invites you to join us in a celebration honoring the Age of Discovery at the beautiful air conditioned campus of the Arkansas State University - Beebe, 1000 West Iowa Street Beebe, Arkansas

Activities Include:

    A&S Competitions
  • Barony Regalia - Documentation encouraged
  • Open A & S - Documentation required
  • Youth Open A & S (ages 12 - 17) - Documentation encouraged - sponsored by Lady Eithne and Lord CuCullan the Bald Location:
    Barony of Small Gray Bear (Beebe, Arkansas)

Attack of the Snowball

Come, join us. Watch the combatants compete for the Agaricus Championship (Heavy & Rapier). Help us defend the Shire from the Attack of the Snowballs, by entering the A&S competitions - plans for combat in snow conditions, and make a snowball - looking for imaginative construction materials (using materials available in period).

Then while away the evening with good hearty Dutch food, fantastic company, singing, dancing and more snowballs. Location:
Shire of Agaricus (Campbelltown New South Wales)

Kingdom Bardic Championship

Greetings unto the populace of An Tir, especially those whose passion tends towards bardic pursuits and the performing arts. The fifth Kingdom Bardic Championship (KBC) will be held this year on September 22th-23th.

The event will be split between two sites, just blocks away from each other, in Everett, WA

Saturday's festivities will be at:
Trinity Episcopal Church
2301 Hoyt Ave Location:
Kingdom of An Tir (Everett, Washington)

Vulcanfeldt Folklife Festival & Demo

Their Excellencies Rolf and Ashley Longbow and the populace of Vulcanfeldt invite you to the silver anniversary of the Yakima Folklife Festival.

Vulcanfeldt will once again recreate its medieval village July 14-15. The Heavy Prize Tourney will be held on Saturday (Prize: rattan sword with basket hilt donated by Thegn Sir Rolf Longbow) where the winner will crown his lady the queen of Love and Beauty and Location:
Shire of Vulcanfeldt (Yakima, Washington)

Card weaving pattern design tool

Fascinated by card weaving? Check out the Card Weaver, a design tool that enables visitors to play with patterns without actually stringing up a loom. The tool is located on the "Loomy Bin" website.

[ATL] Got Vice?

You have been called into judgment by the seven Vices for pride...the first step on the path of the vices. Come enjoy a seven course feast while you watch the Vices and Virtues compete to win you over. Location:
Farm Ventures (Person County Group Home) - 363 Jerry Dixon Rd, Leasburg, NC

Shire Eagle library demo photos online

Members of Shire Eagle in the Kingdom of Meridies gathered recently for a demo at the Auburn (Alabama) Library. Eirikr has posted photos from the event.