Archive - Jun 7, 2007

Earnrokke's Summer Hunt

Hounds, Horses, Riders,Revelers, Hawks,& ferrets ~ all come join us!

Earnrokke's Summer Hunt
held at HuntHaven
2163 Hastie Lake Rd
Oak Harbor
Whidbey Island, WA

June 8-10, 2007

It is Summer on our lovely island.....and we are graced by the beauty of the land and its creatures. Listen to the hounds bay and the horns sound in the distance! Watch the hunters ride their horses across the fields. Archers come shoot to your heart's content. This is an event for folks to sit back, feast, shoot archery, and be entertained by the animals. Campers are welcome to stay all three days of the weekend. Location:
Shire of Earnrokke (Whidbey Island, Washington)

Murder Melee In The Meadow XXIV

Join The Barony of Ben Dunfirth for the Investiture of our new Baron and Baroness!!

Site Info
Opens: Wednesday June 13th, at 12:00pm
Closes: Sunday June 17th, at 4:00pm

Site Fees:
Tuesday/Wednesday per adult $32.00
Thursday per adult $24.00, per minor $12.00
Friday per adult $16.00, per minor $8.00
Saturday per adult $12.00, per minor $6.00
Day Trip per adult $8.00, per minor $6.00 Location:
Barony of Ben Dunfirth (Waterdown, Ontario)

Casual Camping Weekend in Radburne

The Proposed Shire of Radburne is planning a Casual Camping Weekend in August. The site will open at 3pm on Friday 10 August and close at appoximately 1pm on Sunday 12 August.

For those of you unfamiliar with Dubbo's location (we have the Western Plains Zoo), we are approximately 400km west of Sydney, approximately 362km west of Newcastle and approximately 450km north of Canberra.

There will be a Soup Kitchen on the Friday evening and a Simple Camp Feast on the Saturday evening included in the price (to keep costs down campers will need to bring food for the rest of the time - we can provide a supply run to town on Saturday if needed. BYO alcohol). Location:
Proposed Shire of Radburne (Dubbo, New South Wales)

Winter Feast

Baldwin the Wanderer (as he used to be) and his family are leaving our shores to live in New Zealand. We are having a feast in their honour on the 30th June in Torlyon

Winter Feast - 30th June, 2007
Where: Soldiers Memorial Hall, Comur st, Yass. NSW
Time: Hall opens at 6pm, feast commences at 6.30 C
ost: $25mem/$30non-mem, until 23rd June. Late bookings or at the door $35.
Bookings: Isabella de Bordeaux (Lyn Rudd) Location:
Shire of Torlyon (Yass. New South Wales)

Shoote in the Wildwoods

The Barony of Delftwood is happy to invite one and all to attend our Shoote in the Wildwoods and Archery extravaganza. The gates will open at 5:00PM on Friday August 31, 2007, and the site closes at 12:00 noon on Monday September 3, 2007.

At this event we will choose our new Baronial archery champion, as well as hold a tournament to decide the Seven Pearls archery champion. There will be Royal Rounds, Advancing man, Clout and Novelty Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Elbridge, New York)

Atlantia Northern Regional War Practice

Join the Northern Region for a day of grand melee combat right after Challenge of the Heart.

Inspections start at 10am.

Immediately afterwards (or by 11:00am at the latest) the fun will begin. We will start the day with three sets of three field battles. Between the sets there will be brief breaks (under 5 minutes) for water and strategic discussion on what worked and what the teams need to do to Location:
Barony of Dun Carraig (Huntingtown, Maryland)

Dancers invited to 16th century revel

Vyncent atte Wodegate has announced that he will host a 16th century revel at Pennsic XXXVI on August 6.

Stierbach Baronial Birthday

Our yearly gathering to celebrate another wonderful year of our Great Barony of Stierbach!

Martial Activities: There will be heavy and rapier scenarios in the woods that will attempt to use this year’s Pennsic Woods Battle combat conventions. As well as archery and thrown weapons scenarios in a wooded glen. If you have any questions, please contact our Marshal in Charge: Lord Allen of Wolfou (Allen Miller) at Location:
Barony of Stierbach (Locust Grove, Virginia)

Combative Arts Training Day

Chateau de Camville, residing in the lovely lands of the Shire of Mountain's Gate, is hosting an "armored combat training day" on Saturday June 9, 2007.The day will consist of structured combative arts training with slow-work, drills and sparring There will be classes in the first part of the day and armored drills/focused sparring in the latter part of the day. Please try to attend the classes as they will be reviewed in the sparing section of the day. PLEASE BE ON TIME! No need to RSVP just show up by 11:00AM prepared to train hard.We hope to provide an opportunity for folks to "tune up" before the major tourneys and provide a chance for new fighters to jump in. Location:
Chateau de Camville (Cool, California)


Have you ever wonder where you might find that obscure bit of documentation for an A & S project or are you just seeking knowledge? In either case, join the Barony of Grey Niche and spend a day at the Lugh-brary and peruse through 100’s of books on a variety of subjects. While you cannot borrow any of these books, there will be several copiers available with a nominal cost per page. A list of all the books will be made available. Other activities will include classes, the Marcus Gracus Wheel of Fire Tournament (heavy) and rapier activities (TBA). If you are interested in bringing some of your books for others to look through, please contact the Librarian listed below. Location:
Barony of Grey Niche (Willington, Tennessee)

Baronial Muster

Our theme is “Have a Summer Fling” – Trebuchets and Catapults are all welcome (when accompanied by responsible adult). Please bring your own or use our very limited supplies (branches, rope, advice). A largish Traction Trebuchet (see websites) that uses human power teams that haul down ropes will be provided so TRACTION TREBUCHET

The Canton of Greyfells presents:
Baronial Muster
R R #3 Napanee, ON Location:
Canton of Greyfells (Napanee, Ontario)

Darton Anniversary A.S. XLII

Darton Anniversary is the Shire of Darton’s annual camping event. Traditionally, it has featured a lot of fighting, A&S classes, a market, dancing and a great feast. We would encourage all combatants to bring mixed combat gear for the war scenarios.

When: From the evening of Thursday 16 August until 5pm Sunday 19 August 2007
Where: Brookfields Outdoor Education Centre, Moores Valley Rd, Wainuiomata, NZ Location:
Shire of Darton (Wainuiomata, New Zealand)

Children's Event

Children of the Knowne Worlde unite! Finally an event dedicated to you! No standing on the sidelines and watching the adults play, it's your turn!

Not walking yet? Join us for baby races! Preschoolers? Have fun playing our running games! School age? Teenagers? Don't think we've forgotten you. There will be Youth Boffer, Archery, A&S, and Bardic Competitions!

And if they promise to behave themselves and are under your direct Location:
Barony of Delftwood (Central Square, New York)

Atlantia's War of the Wings II to feature Heraldic Processional

Lady Gisela, Event Herald for the Kingdom of Atlantia's War of the Wings II, has announced that the event will feature an Heraldic Processional.

Costumed extras needed for music video

Brian Thompson has announced that a number of people in armor are needed as extras for a music video to be shot in the Calistoga, California area the weekend of June 16 and 17, 2007. The band Killswitch Engage is to play a cover version of Dio's "Holy Diver."

Thatsa Mare

Looking for a different event experience this month? Why not drive up to the Shire of Mare Amethystinum in Thunder Bay, Ontario (north of Duluth following Hwy 61). While the camp site is fairly primitive, you need only bring your tent and some water. Our hospitality will do the rest.

Some reasons to visit:

  • free site fee
  • loads of friendly hospitality
  • free hearty "medieval" breakfast Location:
    Shire of Mare Amethystinum (Thunder Bay, Ontario)

Castle Fever XVIII

Castle Fever XVIII It is all fun and games until someone loses an ....

Friday June 15 to Sunday June 17, 2007
Site opens 6PM Friday and closes Noon Sunday

Oronoco Park
310 3rd Ave NW
Oronoco, MN 55960

The Archer / Heavy Warlord is back with a twist!! On this day the Warlord is only the beginning! The competing sides will be chosen via the Warlord Tourney; then the fun will begin. War points will be Location:
Shire of Silfren Mere (Oronoco, Minnesota)

The Heroic Age online journal

The Heroic Age, "a fully peer-reviewed academic journal intended for professionals, students and independent scholars," focusses on the history of North-western Europe during the early medieval period (from the late 4th through 11th centuries. It is available to read online.

Oertha's Spring Offensive photos online

Combatchris has posted an album of photos from the West Kingdom's Spring Offensive event which took place in the Barony of Selviergard (Alaska).