Archive - Jun 22, 2007

Air pollution controls may affect the Tower of London

Science Daily reports that the Tower of London may soon be affected by changes in air pollution regulations that have decreased the amount of sulfur dioxide in the air. The sulfur keeps organisms from growing and darkening the Tower's stonework.

Ynys Fawr Investiture photos online

Katje reports that she has posted an album of photos from the recent Ynys Fawr Investiture event in the Kingdom of Lochac.

Norstead rises in heart of Missouri

Norstead: The Viking Age Farmstead Project, based in central and western Missouri, has announced that it has begun construction after months of planning. The first building to constructed will be the Viking longhall.

Great Western War X pre-reg is now open

Honorable Lord Matheus Reyner, Publicity Steward for Great Western War X, has announced that pre-registration for the War is now open. The Great Western War runs October 2-8, 2007.