Archive - Jun 11, 2007

Shire of Amlesmore battles, teaches in Calontir

Members of Calontir's Shire of Amlesmore meet on Sunday afternoons at Tribble Park in Hallsville, Missouri to hold fighter practice, demonstrate their skills and talk to the public. Reporter Aaron Rosenblatt of The Missourian has the story. (Photos)

Gregorian Chant how-to manual

Alban St. Albans reports that he has released the first part of a manual on how to sing Gregorian Chant.

Feathered Companions podcasts goes online

In the early hours of the morning of June 6th, 2007, a little tiny bit of history was made when the Feathered Companions podcast went live on the world wide web.

Panteria photos and report online

We return once again to the secluded Caledonian Mountains of PantherVale, where fighters, archers, and artisans came together for a long weekend of feasting, fighting, carousing and competing, fencing and story-telling, equestrian and merchanting, and a rollicking good time.