Archive - May 5, 2007

Finding your Viking roots

A new exhibit at the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, England allows visitors to study new scientific techniques used to determine what Viking life was like. The exhibit also includes a "3-dimensional walk-through Viking riverside scene, graphics and interactive activities."

Annika Hayley born in Drachenwald

Margerite and Maximilian from the Kingdom of Drachenwald have announced the birth of their daughter Annika Hayley, born April 28, 2007.

Barony of Unser Hafen Champions

Barony of Unser Hafen Champions - Equestrian Competition. Equestrians from all Kingdoms welcome.

Saturday, June 2, 2007
9 AM – Noon
Location: Silver Cloud Arabians
40720 N WCR 15
Fort Collins, CO 80524
Directions at

Tournament begins at 10:00 a.m.
Horses to arrive at 9:00 a.m. Location:
Barony of Unser Hafen (Fort Collins, Colorado)

Dragonsspine’s Champions

Dragonsspine’s Champions is fast approaching. Are you ready to compete (or bet on the competitors)? Are you ready to celebrate the 21st birthday of the Outlands (an auspicious age indeed)? Come join us for a weekend of fun and good times as Dragonsspine seeks it’s Champions for the coming year!

The festivities open Friday with general mayhem amongst the Rapier fighters and betwixt the Heavies for fun (and to perhaps size up the Location:
Braony of Dragonsspine (Colorado Springs, CO)

Baron Wars X

Who would have thought that 10 years ago this small (only 600 people showed up) event would grow to be the amazing event that it is today. Over the years we have weathered some of the worst that North West Ohio in May can throw at you. It has been hot (in the early years it was) and cold (down to 38°F) and windy (we had a tornado touch down within 2 miles of the site once) and wet. But mostly it has been wet. Every year we have prayed for sunny, warm and dry weather, but every year the weather just laughs at us and sits a low pressure zone overhead. Location:
Marche of the Marshes (Perrysburg, Ohio)

AEthelmearc War Practice XVIII

It is time again to prepare for the upcoming War, and to properly prepare. The Canton of Steltonwald would like to invite all to join us for our War Practice XVIII.

We will be meeting once again at Coopers Lake Campground, 205 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. The event will run from noon on Thursday May 17, 2007 through Sunday May 20, 2007 at 3:00 pm. Troll will close on Saturday at 3 pm; Location:
Canton of Steltonwald (Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania)

Fruits of our Labours

This event is best described as a weekend dedicated to the ‘arts practical’. All classes will be hands-on and will result in the creation of items and the formation of skills. Class lists will be posted on the website and interested teachers are encouraged to contact the autocrats. All martial activities will include an instructional component either in the making of arms and armour or the use of such. The site has an archery range and excellent tourney fields. (It is Ontario’s primary Scout leadership training Centre) Location:
Barony of Ramshaven (Acton, Ontario)

Brot, Wurst und Spiele II

Welcome back to a weekend with good bread, crispy sausages and even more thrilling games! The Shire of Aventiure invites you again to our summer event in Luebeck-Koecknitz. Come and take part in a weekend full of tricky riddles, challenging contests and funny play!

Bau- und Geschichtsspielplatz Roter Hahn, Pommernring 58, 23569 Luebeck-Koecknitz.

Site opens on Friday 18:00 and closes Sunday 14:00. Location:
Shire of Aventiure (Lubeck, Germany)

Bal D'Argent

Come join us in the moonlit forests of Cairnfell for Bal d'argent 2007 Dance classes with light lunch provided during the day on Saturday followed by the Bal in the evening. Dress in your best, and come and impress. Then join us Sunday morning in the Park for a leisurely late breakfast and games.

September 29-30th 2007, Bal D'Argent, Canton of Cairnfell

Eureka Hall and Park
Corner Eureka Street and Stawell Street, Ballarat Location:
Canton of Cairnfell (Ballarat, Victoria, Australia)

Lusty Month of May

Lords and Ladies, we invite you to join the Shire of Talmere in quickening the Spring with feasts of skill and bravery, romance and roguery, style and grace. So returns the Lusty Month of May! Come to watch the fighting, take a class or to enjoy the late spring with friends and family. Cooks of all experience levels are invited to participate in the Cast Iron Chef competition. Artisians are invited to compete in the A&S competition. We hope you will stay for a fabulous "Life is Short, Eat Dessert First" themed feast, and a Maypole dance, teen revel and European revel and hafla following feast. Location:
Shire of Talmere (Pine Mountain, Georgia)

Highland River Melees

The Barony of Highland Foorde invites all to come join in the festivities at our Highland River Melees!

Highland River Melees
Hagerstown City Park
June 8-10, 2007

Highland River Melees will continue its tradition of providing a day of premier martial activities, impressive arts and sciences activities, excellent shopping and a delectable feast. Our theme this year, Europe and the Middle East from 1066 to 1291 (the fall of Acre), will focus on the cultures and locales that participated in or were affected by the three Crusades that spanned those two centuries. The Baron, Baroness and populace welcome all those who are English, French, Italian, German and other Europeans as well as their Byzantine and Middle Eastern contemporaries! Location:
Barony of Highland Foorde (Hagerstown, Maryland)

Journey to Constantinople

We the populace of Hindscroft, a Canton in the Barony of Sacred Stone. Would like to invite you to join with us on a "Journey to Constantinople".

*When:* June 22nd-24th
*Where:* Castle Elchenburg in Boonville, NC.
*Cost:* Only $9 to camp for the whole weekend if you register before June 1st
*Food:* Of course! A fabulous five course feast will be served for the small sum of $6! (but we must register soon because spaces are filling quickly and Location:
Canton of Hindscroft (Boonville, North Carolina)

Border Skirmish IV: YAARRH

Ahoy there, mateys! Sail yer ships to Lily Lake for a weekend of piratical fun! Thar be classes in all kinds of arts’n’sciences skullduggery, merchants t’ lighten yer sea-chests and kit ye out proper, and o’ course all the fightin’ and bow-shootin’ and throwin’ ye could ask fer. (It’s a MIDLANDS REGIONAL WAR PRACTICE!)

We’ve got lots ‘o harborage to anchor yer tents, a lunch tavern, an’ showers with HOT WATER t’ rinse the salt off ye! On Saturday we’ll feast on a roast piggie, then ye can enjoy the bardic bonfire or dance at th’ Pirate’s Ball (so bring out yer best bib’n’tucker, modern or garb). The site is WET (of course) and reasonably handicap-accessible. No electrical or water hookups are available for RVs, sorry. Location:
Ravenslake & Caer Anterth Mawr (Lakemoor, Illinois)

Battle of Hastings re-enactors duke it out on video

British television personality Dan Snow provides several short videos pertaining to English Heritage sites online. The films include a re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings.

Positions available: Kingdom "Tournaments Illuminated" Liaisons

Mistress Doria Tecla, Editor of Tournaments Illuminated, has announced the search for Kingdom Liaisons to cover news for the various kingdoms.