Archive - May 3, 2007

Beyond Chivalry

Come and spend a day participating in Mounted Warrior Games. Ring tilts, Quintains, Spear Throwing, Crest Combat Tourney and a Challenge Course are planned for Intermediate level and above (must compete at a trot or higher). In addition we will have a Jousting Demo in honor of our most beautiful Queen by the mounted warriors that were at Atlantia's first Jousting Practice in April.

Lakeview Plantation Location:
Barony of Hidden Mountain (Allendale, South Carolina)

War of the Roses

The Shire of Flintheath would like to invite you to help fight for the red or white in our annual War of the Roses, 22-24 June 2007. Site opens at 17:00 on Friday and closes at 14:00 on Sunday. Win points for your team in the battle of minds at the games tables, bash for points in the woods battle, parry your way to points at fencing or shoot for the points in archery. We would also like you to show off your A&S for a populous bean count for points. Location:
Shire of Flintheath (Brandon, Suffolk, England)

Renaissance hospitals warm, comfortable environments

John Henderson of the University of London wants readers to know that the hospital in the Renaissance was not the hellhole depicted in many histories but "a warm environment and specialized care, which they would not have found in the community."

Moorish Tavern XVII

The Kingdom of Northshield and the Shire of Midewinde Presents MOORISH TAVERN XVII War of the Gryphon's

June 29 - July 1, 2007 at Lake Metigoshe State Park, Bottineau, ND 58138

Site Opens: 8 a.m. June 28, 2006
Site Closes: Noon July 1, 2007
Site is discretely damp!!!

Pets are allowed on site provided that they are properly cared for. Location:
Shire of Midewinde (Bottineau, North Dakota)

An Overview of Orenburg-Style Knitted Lace

Elegant borders, sensational pattern motifs, intriguing knitting techniques, and the fascinating women who make it all happen. Join Galina A. Khmeleva for an in-depth look at Orenburg knitted lace from technical and historical prospectives. This will present a rare opportunity to see her stunning private collection of original handspun/handknit lace and engage in a lively discussion of the evolution of knitted lace. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Book Arts Workshop: Hand Sewn Headbands

In this workshop, Jennifer Hain Teper, Conservation Librarian for the UIUC Library, will teach participants to hand sew two to three models of headbands: a traditional plain double headband, a silk headband with a single bead on the front edge and a French double headband, if time allows. Workshop attendees will use prepared second-hand books as models, or may bring their own unbound, sewn book on which to sew their headbands. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Book Arts Workshop: Bookbinding East Meets West

Day One: Eastern Traditions: A discussion of various styles including scrolls, Venetian blinds, and Japanese binding. Hands on production of: Punch Binding and Hardbound Accordion

Day Two: Western Traditions: Samples and discussion of western style codex binding. Hands on production of: Hardbound exposed spine binding on tapes Students will bring basic tools like pencils, rulers, scissors, and mat knives. Items such as awls, self-healing cutting mats, and needles will be provided. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Book Arts Workshop: Tackling Simple Book Repair

Jennifer Hain Teper, Conservation Librarian for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library, will lead a workshop on the basics of book structure, identifying different types of damage, and conduct a hands-on tutorial for simple repair techniques for books, which can be used in libraries or at home.

Techniques to be covered include inserting loose pages, mending torn pages, cleaning, consolidating frayed corners and tightening loose hinges. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Book Arts Workshops: What is a Book Worth?

What is a book worth? And how do you know? And what do you mean by the "worth of a book"? Books have dollar value and intrinsic, research value. This workshop will discuss both.

Many things add to--or detract from--the values of books. What are the variables? Many tools exist out there to help us determine what the going rate for a book is. What are those tools? How can we use them? The tools themselves are fallible. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Why Knot Come and See?

This event is held in conjunction with the Campbell Gallery exhibit "Why Knot?" The Spurlock Museum and Champaign-Urbana Spinners and Weavers Guild present a day of fiberworking demonstrations and hands-on activities for the whole family. Visit the Spurlock Museum online events calendar for updates on demonstrators and hand-made items for sale.

Embraceable Lace Workshop

If just the sight of lace-weight yarns has always caused you to break out in a rash, this introductory lace class is for you. With her unique, inspiring, fun-loving teaching style, Galina A. Khmeleva will unravel the myths and mystery about the complexities of knitting lace. She will have you knitting continental before this class is over, wondering what all the fuss was about. And finally, Galina will help individualize a lace-knitting project that is just right for you. You can and will learn to knit lace. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Textile Conservation Workshop

Want to keep a family wedding dress in good shape for your daughter? Wonder if that heirloom tablecloth was crocheted or tatted? Join Spurlock Museum Collections Manager, Christa Deacy-Quinn, and members of the Champaign-Urbana Spinners and Weavers Guild for an afternoon of textile identification and conservation tips. Participants are asked to bring in one textile from home. They will receive a conservation booklet for later reference. No appraisals will be given on items brought to the workshop. Location:
Urbana-Champaign, Illinois

Shava's pictures of Silver Forest Ball

Elashava bas Riva has posted photos from the recent Silver Forest Ball in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Company of Medieval Aviculturists Ratifies Charter

Sunday, April 22nd, 2007 at Popinjays Play in Brooklyn (Canton of Brokenbridge, Crown Province of Ostgardr, East Kingdom), the Company of Medieval Aviculturists unanimously ratified their charter.

3rd graders study medieval history with the help of the SCA

“'Don’t hit so hard that you break these things,' he told the kids, brandishing a sword with a foam blade covered in silver duct tape. 'Do not hit in the face. Use it to block. Now, find a partner. Find a sword,'” commanded Gunnarr Snaebjorn (aka Cory Beard) during a recent demo.