Archive - Apr 22, 2007

Sammuel Ray Martinsen born in Atlantia

Belphoebe reports that Sammuel Ray Martinsen was born April 6, 2007 to Lady Hroswitha Von Celle in the Kingdom of Atlantia.

Russia's Caucasus "the mountain of tongues"

A 10th-century geographer, traveling in Russia's Caucasus Mountains, referred to them as the "mountain of tongues" due to the diversity of languages preserved in the isolated villages. This diversity continues today in an area which supports 34 ethnic groups.

Britain's forgotten battlefields

In an essay for Britain's Independent, Ian Herbert considers some of the country's forgotten battlefields and how historians should fight for their protection.

6th century embossing die found in Sweden

An amateur archaeologist working at a burial mound near Sättuna on the outskirts of Linköping, Sweden, has discovered a 6th century patrix, a die used to emboss gold, portraying "a woman who resembles a troll."