Archive - Dec 13, 2007

Pop culture breathes life into Latin

Popular movies, movie stars, and TV series such as Harry Potter, Angelina Jolie, and Star Trek are mainly entertainment, but they also have helped keep Latin in the public eye when it otherwise would be forgotten outside academia.

Barony of Flame's (Midrealm) Christmas Tourney Photos

Crimthann Becc, a self-described "annoying little shutterbug," posted a few pictures from the Christmas Tourney held in the Barony of Flame, in the southern reaches of the Middle Kingdom.

Astrid of the Yellow Rose elevated to Pelican in Northshield

At the recent Boar's Head event in the Kingdom of Northshield, Their Majesties Hagan and Eilis elevated Viscountess Astrid of the Yellow Rose to the Order of the Pelican.