Archive - Oct 15, 2007

Sotheby's to host auction of Islamic art

On October 24, 2007, Sotheby's Auction House will hold an auction of Islamic art, carpets, textiles and more, many items dating to the Middle Ages. (photos)

[WES] Cynagua Fall Coronet

Their Highnesses of Cynagua, Dregel and Bronwen, invite one and all to witness the choosing of Their successors! Do you want to come to a site where there are no city lights, no close neighbors, no factories, no car races and no boom boxes? Then come to Cynagua Fall Coronet at the Camelot Equestrian Park located between Chico and Oroville, which we will be using this site for its first time.

Are you new the SCA or know someone new? Come one, come all, to the Newcomer's Forum at the Evenstar Keep Sunshade at 1:00 pm, Saturday. Location:
Barony of Rivenoak (Chico, California)

[OUT] Mask Ball of Enchantment

The College of Blaiddwyn would like to invite you to join us in a celebration of wonder and magic with, The Mask Ball of Enchantment. Let us welcome new friends and old friends alike who wish to be a part of our medieval experience through the arts of music and ballroom dance, with a hint of mystery of who lies behind the mask.

The festivities will take place on Friday, November 16th from 6pm-9:30pm. There will be prizes for the best made mask in several different categories, best scary mask, best enchantment mask, best medieval mask and best Blaiddwyn themed mask. There will refreshments and drinks provided. Location:
College of Blaiddwyn (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

[EAS] Fall Harvest

The cold northern winter is near upon us, and from the battlements of the keep at Ile du Dragon Dormant glad tidings are sounded. A message is sent to all the neighboring lands - Ile du Dragon Dormant will again celebrate the last days of fall with a feast of rare kind.

This harvest festival promises to be no simple affair. Mistress Hawise and her staff slave for hours preparing an all day feast, jesters and dancers Location:
Barony of L'Ile du Dragon Dormant (Montreal, Quebec)

[ANS] Ursae-Lyons

Their Excellencies of Bjornsborg invite you to the grand tournament of Ursae-Lyons. October 19 - 21, 2007 When Lion and Bear contend whose sword at last shall bend?

The day of pageantry and noble deeds will begin with a grand procession. Their Excellencies Bjornsborg ask that each combatant be sponsored by an Artisan, who shall offer a small gift of his or her art to Their Excellencies as a token of their support. Fighters and their artisan sponsors will be presented to the Nobles and Ladies of the fields. Fighters will then be assigned to a field. Location:
Barony of Bjornsborg (Von Ormy, Texas)

[ART] Twilight in Valhalla

By special arrangement with the gods, the Shire of Castelleone Nuovo invites you to attend Twilight in Valhalla. Brave warriors will participate in a variety of snow battle scenarios for both heavy and light fighters. After the battle, the Einherjr are escorted by the Valkyries to a Norse Style Feast in the halls of Valhalla.

Following feast the ice skating (site fee includes skate rental), garbed snowperson building, and other outdoor games for the hardy begin! For those bitten by the Frost Giants, warm drinks and cozy indoor games, including a chess tournament, are offered in the warming house. Prizes for heavy fighting (plus a booty pit), light fighting, ice skate race, and chess champion will be awarded at the end of the evening. Note: this is an evening event; site opens at 5PM and closes at midnight. Location:
Shire of Castelleone Nuovo (Helena, Montana)

Vatican publishes documents from Knights Templar heresy trials

The Vatican is finally publishing Processus Contra Templarios, the report from the heresy trials of the Knights Templar that was lost in the Vatican secret archives for 700 years due to a filing error.

[MER] Silver Hammer Tourney

The Barony of Thor’s Mountain presents Silver Hammer Tourney October 26-28, 2007

Come join us at Big Ridge State Park to celebrate the fall with our traditional Silver Hammer Tourney.

Friday Night:
From Master William McNaughton:
The Autocrat of this year's Silver Hammer has asked me to produce some kind of performing arts on Friday Night. I wish to announce a performing arts "Thing." Bring your songs, your stories, and your dances, and your playlets. I will be awarding prizes at my whim and setting categories at random, depending on who turns out. The competition will be in an open format. Documentation will give you a bonus, but is not required. Location:
Barony of Thor's Mountain (Maynardville, Tennessee)

Western Washington WMA Workshop 2008

Once again the Academia della Spada is pleased to host its third western martial arts weekend workshop. We extend a friendly invitation to all students and scholars of western martial arts, eastern martial arts, and modern fencing to join us in Seattle, WA for another three day intensive workshop on the traditional & historical martial arts of Europe.

4W 2008 will continue to offer the highest level of dedicated instruction from acknowledged professionals in their field. Participants will have the opportunity to attend an historical feast to relax, socialize, and stuff themselves with sumptuous victuals. Location:
Academia della Spada (Seattle, Washington)

Lars and Mary new Heirs to Northshield

Astrid of the Yellow Rose reports that Sir Lars, inspired by Countess Mary, was the victor of the october 13, 2007 Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Northshield.

Countess Lailiane Asenina: Gleann Abhann's newest Pelican

Maistir Rory has announced that Countess Lailiane Asenina has become the 5th Companion of the Order of the Pelican in the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann.

[DRA] Knick Knack

The Shire of Polderslot likes to invite you all to our yearly Knick Knack event. But be aware! We've heard rumors that Knick Knack will be invaded by the Vikings this year! So, go fetch your bull's horn and your bead necklace and come in your best Viking outfit to our lovely Shire of Polderslot.

The vikings are best known for their battles, so a Viking event wouldn't be a Viking event whitout a fighting contest to find out who is the bravest, strongest and most resourcefull fighter in the kingdom! BUT, as we will build some mythical element into this contest, this will not be your ordinary everyday fighting contest. Location:
Shire of Polderslot (Ommel, Netherlands)