Archive - Jan 18, 2007

Stowe Faire III

At last the Mahout returns and the elephants are banished. Friday night sees simple but wholesome fayre followed by a night of answering profound questions of fundamental significance Saturday is a day of mixed melees & A&S workshops. For the melees two teams hand picked by two captains will contest the field in search of riches and glory. See the Captains pick their side and challenge their foe for the Box of Rocks, the bridge and the fort. View or be part of the clash of arms or attend one of the classes dedicated to the gentle arts. Location:
Stowe on the Wolde (Austral. New South Wales)

Estrella Bardic Concerts: Bigger and Better than Ever

The Estrella War Bardic Concert Series- Bigger and Better than ever! Join us Sunday night at the Grand Court Pavilion for two incredible concerts!

Winter War Maneuvers 2007

Join the Falcon host as we prepare for the sands of Estrella. Hosted by Scarlett Keep and the Barony of Mag Mor.

Saturday January 20, 2007
Site open from: 9 am to 6 pm
Location: Lancaster Event Center
Address: 4100 North 84th Street Lincoln, NE
Site fees: $7 for SCA members (additional $3 surcharge applies for non-members)
Make checks payable to: SCA Inc. Barony of Mag Mor Location:
Scarlett Keep and the Barony of Mag Mor (Lincoln, Nebraska)

Dracula's castle for sale

Bran Castle, near Brasov, Romania, was the inspiration for Bram Stoker's classic Dracula. Now the 14th century castle is up for sale for a "paltry" UKĀ£40 million.

Pillaged Village Arts and Sciences Event

Cedarwood village has been devastated by wind, burned by fire, and pillaged by raiders who have enslaved and taken away the Master Craftsmen of this once great Mecca of Art, Craft and Science. But we shall rebuild.

We have scoured the Kingdom for Master Craftsmen who will share their skills in a weekend event April 20-22. Events include but are not limited to: Sheep Shearing & Wool Processing, Blacksmithing & Casting, Location:
Barony of Mag Mor (Unadilla, Nebraska)

Caid 12th Night Photos Online

Lady Eilidh Swann has posted an album of Photos of Caid's recent Twelfth Night and Bard of Caid events.

Shakespeare's Church Has Leaky Roof

The caretakers of the church where William Shakespeare was baptized and buried want help to fix its leaky roof. Holy Trinity Church in Stratford upon Avon is seeking sponsors to "adopt a gargoyle" and help the church provide the extensive maintenance needed.