Archive - Sep 13, 2006

Report of Pyramid Find in Ukraine

An archaeological team working in eastern Ukraine claims to have found pyramids.

Black Rose

The Shire of Crimson River proudly presents Black Rose this year at the Cumberland Centre in Columbia, TN. Black Rose will feature a series of live weapons competitions (spear, axe, knife throwing, and archery), these scores will then be added to the scores of the heavy combat tournament to determine the over all Champion of the Black Rose.

The live weapons ranges will be open from 10am till 2pm for practice and scoring. The heavy tournament will start Location:
Shire of Crimson River (Columbia, Tennessee)

All Hallows XXVI

Come celebrate the bounty of the Harvest and the coming of winter at All Hallows XXVI. There will be two A&S events - the Best Headgear for your Persona, be it hat, wimple and veil, or helm; any appropriate head covering. There will also be a display of your most current Work in Progress, so we can all see what wonderful things are being made in Faire Atlantia. PLEASE have your A&S entry in by 1 p.m. We plan to have a Consult table during the day, as well. After Feast there will be our well known Bardic Competition, so practice your song, poem, or story to share! Location:
Shire of Berley Cort (Sedley, Virginia)

Celtic Cattle Raids 4

Those loathsome Northmen are at it AGAIN. Here we are minding our business, raising our cattle and they come back in the middle of the night and steal our female cattle. I have to say the Bulls are really upset now. No milk, no cheese, no butter and no feminine companionship for our male bovines (if you know what I mean.) Poor MaddieThe evil Northmen have sent us this picture to warn us, poor Maddie. So get up, get up I say oh sons and/or daughters of Eire. We have to protect our land and the honor of our girl cows from the evil, nasty, cruel, unhygienic, bad guys with hairy backs. Fighting for the honor of a good heifer, what could be better in life!?! (Ok, don't even go there) So gird whatever the heck you want to gird but be quick about it, don your Celtic garb, and join with the Canton of Nimenefeld and our bulls in a day of snorting and fighting and help us get back our cowgirls. Location:
Canton of Nimenefeld (Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina)

How to Wrap a Great Kilt

Mystified by the process of wrapping a Scottish great kilt? can come to your aid with diagrams and photos to make the process easy.

Autumn Rose Photos

Erilar has posted photos from Northshield's recent Autumn Rose event which took place in the Shire of Rokeclif.

A civilized society

Nolene Triska of the Estacada News reports on her visit to the "Bows and Blades" event held recently in the Kingdom of An Tir.