Archive - Aug 2006

Pennsic Chirurgeonate Concerns

Jason Williams, Chairman, SCA Inc., addresses concerns about the closing of Chirurgeon's Point at Pennsic XXXV.

Medieval Law Saddles Queen with Rat-Infested House

Residents of Manchester, England have declared Her Majesty owner of of an abandoned and vandalized house thanks to a 607-year-old law that turns over ownership of abandoned buildings to the Crown.

Lords & Ladies, Welcome Aboard the Floating Ren Faire!

For those who want the Middle Ages with all the comforts of a cruise: Mirth & Merriment Aboard The Carnival Miracle!

Brendoken Baronial Championship

The Barony of Brendoken will hold Baronial Championships at the Mill in Smithville, Ohio September 24, 2006.

Baronial champions for heavy weapons and archery will be chosen at this time.

A baronial meetings follows. Location:
Barony of Brendoken (Smithville, Ohio)

Saxon Summer VI

The Shire of Rivenvale invites you to attend Saxon Summer VI September 14-17, 2006.

Chestnut Ridge Campground
6486 Chestnut Ridge Road
Hubbard, Ohio 44425
(330) 534-2352

Gate opens: Thursday, Sept 14 at 4:00 PM
Gate closes: Sunday, Sept 17 at Noon

Site fee is $10.00 per adult for the weekend and $4.00 per adult day-tripping on Saturday only. Ages 6 to 13 half price, 5 and under - free. A $3.00 surcharge applies to all adult non-member admissions. Price for feast is $8.00 per adult, Ages 6 to 13 half price, 5 and under - free. Sorry, but there is no pre-registration discount. Location:
Shire of Rivenvale (Hubbard, Ohio)

Harvest Days

Harvest Days, September Eighth thru Tenth, Two Thousand Six, Presented by the March of Winged Hills

The Site
4-H Camp Clifton
2256 Clifton Road
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

Open: 6:00 pm on Friday
Closed: 12:00 noon Sunday
(Gate will close at 10:00 pm on Friday and reopen at 8:00 am on Saturday)

Site is wet!

Cabins that sleep up to twelve are available. There is no extra charge for using the cabins. Cabins can be reserved in advance. Cabins reservations that do not fill the cabin (10 occupants) *may* have additional guests assigned to them on the day of the event. Cabin space will be assigned by the gate staff on the day of the event. Location:
March of Winged Hills (Yellow Springs, Ohio)

East Kingdom Fall Crown Tourney

Pay heed good gentles of the realm, as you are cordially invited to attend Their Royal Majesties Lucan and Jana's Crown Tournament in the Barony of Stonemarche come Saturday, November 4th, 2006.

This event will take place on 146 acres of the Lone Tree Scout Reservation in Kingston, NH. There will be a large outdoor fighting area for the tournament and a 40'x60' shade/rain pavilion for the general populace. On site is an outdoor fort in which will be held a youth combat tournament. There is a dining hall with a fireplace to provide warmth, where a hearty luncheon banquet will be served for all from 12:00-4:00pm. Location:
Barony of Stonemarche (Kingston, New Hampshire)

Fall Potrero War

The Barony of Calafia invites one and all to join us for our Fall Potrero War. Avoid the heat of summer by joining us in our frozen mountain retreat in the eastern lands of Calafia.

The War will be held in its usual location of Potrero County Park (24800 Potrero Park Drive; Potrero, CA 92063). The site will open for pre-registered gentles at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, September 1, 2006 and will be open for the general populace at 12:00 noon that day. The site shall be officially closed at 12:00 noon upon September 4, 2006. If you wish to remain on site after noon on Monday you will need to pay the park rangers their required fees. Location:
Barony of Calafia (Potrero, California)

Pounce V

The Incipient Canton of Catteden and the Barony of Red Spears invite you to join us for Pounce V: Curse of the Cats September 22 - 24, 2006

Riverbend Park
16618 Twp. Rd. 208
Findlay, Ohio 45840

Event Autocrat: Lord William the Seafarer, mka: Damian Myers

Site Information
Events Scheduled for Saturday Morning and Afternoon: Location:
Incipient Canton of Catteden (Findlay, Ohio)

Today in the Middle Ages: August 31, 1057

Leofric, Earl of Mercia and the husband of Lady Godiva, died on August 31, 1057.

Flight of the Falcon II Photos Online

Antonio Felluci has posted photos from Flight of The Falcon II, an event in the Kingdom of Atlantia that emphasized classes for newcomers.

August 30th

Round Table Building Discovered at Windsor Castle

Channel 4's Time Team may have discovered evidence of the existence of the original round table at Windsor Castle. The team has found some evidence of a round structure built by Edward III constructed to house the table and the original 300 Knights of the Garter.

Vellum & Parchment Makers' List Created

Sir Aengus MacBain of the Kingdom of AEthelmearc has created a discussion list for parchment and vellum makers

Calontir Coronation

The Barony of Lonely Tower in the Kingdom of Calontir invites you to attend the Coronation of Tristram and Caillin on September 8-10, 2006.

Eastern Nebraska 4H Center
21520 West Highway 31
Omaha, NE Location:
Barony of Lonely Tower (Omaha, Nebraska)

Today in the Middle Ages: August 30, 1125

Lothair of Supplinburg, Duke of Saxony, was elected King of Germany on August 30, 1125. He would later become Holy Roman Emperor Lothair III.

Politarchopolis Baronial Changeover

Come to give thanks to Baron Edmund and Baroness Leta for the past two and a half years they have lead the Barony. Come to celebrate the Spring with the Fourth Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis, Alessandro di Firenzi and Isobel le Breton. Come for the food, the cheer and the Market Fair fun with friends.

Saturday morning Archery site:
Tuggeranong Archery Club
end of Soward Way Tuggeranong UBD 87 L16 Location:
Barony of Politarchopolis (Forrest, Australia)

Drachenwald Establishes Shire in Romania

Arnulf der Zeilner, Kingdom Chatelain for the Kingdom of Drachenwald, has announced that the Incipient Shire of Corvinia has been established in Romania.

August 29th

Fashions for the Well-Dressed Reenactor

Steve Tarter of the Peoria, Illinois Journal Star "went medieval" when he visted with Valerie Lilley of Sofi's Stitches to discuss the meaning of "dressing for success" medieval style.

Photos from Purgatorio

Ysabella Dolfin, Autocrat for the West Kingdom's Purgatorio event, has posted photos from the day.

Known World Costuming Symposium

The Kingdom of Northshield and the Barony of Jararvellir are proud to host the 2006 Knowne World Costuming Symposium in Madison, Wisconsin.

Edgewood College
1000 Edgewood College Drive
Madison, Wisconsin

Friday 4:00pm-9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am-9:00pm
Sunday 9:00am-1:00pm Location:
Barony of Jararvellir (Madison, Wisconsin)

Today in the Middle Ages: August 29, 1475

Edward IV of England invaded France on August 29, 1475, a few years after eliminating Lancastrian resistance at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

Blood Spilled During Australian Demo

A medieval educational demo for elementary school students in Brisbane, Australia turned bloody when one of the re-enactors was slightly injured by a rapier blade.

Baroness' Champion

The lovely Baroness Katarzina invites one and all to come to Peters Creek in Chugiak to vie by right of heavy weapon combat for the chance to become Her new Champion. No claimant shall be denied, yet only one shall prevail.

Peters Creek Community Park
Chugiak, Alaska

There will be an Arts & Science table set up to display the fine craftsmanship of Oerthan's skilled artisans. Please bring your A&S Location:
Barony of Selviergard (Chugiak, Alaska)

August 28th

Battle At Dragon's Lake

Just wanted to send this out again for anyone who missed it. The Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,IL) will be having a NEW camping event on September 8-10, 2006.

The event site is set in a Primitive wooded area that is beautiful, peaceful and secluded.

We are having a Quest Tournament that will be great for fighters to participate in as well as for the rest of us to watch. There will be a Location:
Shire of Swordcliff (Springfield,Illinois)

November Faire

The weekend of November 10 – 12 the Shire of Wyrmgeist is hosting a Regional Faire featuring an Arts & Science Faire, classes and fighting for those martial of mind. What is the name of the event you ask? It is called November Faire. Where you ask?? It is at the (you know it, you love it, you can find your way there blindfolded) WoW site in Hattiesburg, MS

There will be two A&S Faires – a regional Faire based on Kingdom standards and a November Faire where the entrants will get to judge each other in their category. Everyone gets a chance to participate. So get those projects ready. Location:
Shire of Wyrmgeist (Hattiesburg, Mississippi)

Bard of The Mists Competition

Time has a way of passing swiftly. For those of us who are have not marked it's flow, be now aware of how fleet it's passage. The Bard of The Mists Competition is September 9th! The victor shall become the 25th Bard of the Mists.

Much entertainment and merriment is planned. As well as a Feast, with delicacies from the Silver and Silk Trade Routes.

In honor of the occasion, the theme piece will have two themes. Use Location:
Principality of the Mists (Santa Clara, California)

Estrella War XXIII

The Estrella War is an annual SCA event that takes place each February in the state of Arizona, (the Kingdom of Atenveldt, SCA). At Estrella War the goal is to depict a Medieval Village in arts, tournaments, mock battle, ambiance, and pageantry. All are welcome to attend but are asked to please make an attempt at "Period" costume. Location:
Kingdom of Atenvelt (Florence, Arizona)

Southern Crusades VIII

The Barony of Tir Ysgithr and the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus, the two Great Baronies guarding the southern regions of the Kingdom of Atenveldt, are proud to sponsor SOUTHERN CRUSADES VIII – HEROES OF THE CRUSADES. This 8th annual gathering of warriors, archers, rapier fighters, merchants, dancers, bards, and those interested in things Medieval, combines the most Glorious activities offered by the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a not-for-profit educational organization that studies western European history by recreating the "best" pastimes and crafts of the Middle Ages. Location:
Barony of Tir Ysgithr & the Barony March of Mons Tonitrus (Winkelman, Arizona)

Bal d'Argent

Bigger, better, and whiter than before! Southron Gaard brings you Bal d'Argent, _the_ dance event of Lochac! There will be workshops, dance fanatics, musicians, dazzling decorations, a picnic, a supper prepared by the most esteem'd Peerless Kitchen, a tournament of skill and chivalry, a display of the Arts and the Sciences, and a Bal of tremendous magnificence!

16-17 September, Bal d'Argent, Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand): Location:
Barony of Southron Gaard (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Today in the Middle Ages: August 28, 1549

On August 28, 1549, the Baron d'Aguerre and the Lord of Fendilles fought a duel with bastard swords after quarreling in the King's chamber.