Archive - Jul 14, 2006

Positions Available: Editor & Art Director, Tournaments Illuminated

Jason Williams, Chairman of the Board, SCA, Inc., has announced that application deadlines for Editor and Art Director for Tournaments Illuminated have been extended.

Ansteorran Coronation Covered in the San Angelo Standard Times

The San Angelo Standard Times spent the entire day at Ansteorran Coronation this weekend in the Shire of Trelac.

Today in the Middle Ages: July 14, 664

On July 14, 664, Erconberct, King of Kent died.

Quest for the Holy Pail 2

The Shire of Rook's Haven proudly presents "Quest for the Holy Pail 2: Pail Under Siege"

September 8-10 at Little Creek Ranch in Glen, MS (just outside Corinth)

The evil hordes have laid siege to Rook's Haven and are threatening to take our most prized possession! Come join Their Majesties as they endeavor to save The Holy Pail. Things to enjoy will include:

  • The Black Knight Tourney Location:
    Shire of Rook's Haven (Glen, Mississippi)

AEthelmearc Coronation

The Coronation of Christopher Rawlyns and Morgen of Rye will be held on September 16th in the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands.

In addition to the Last Court of Malcolm and Tessa, and the Coronation and First Court of Christopher and Morgen, the day will include tournaments to select the new Rapier Champion and Youth Combat Champions, and a competition at which Christopher and Morgen will select their Arts and Sciences champion. There will also be children's activities and dancing during the day, as well as a backlog scroll display. Location:
Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Queer Eye for the Medieval Guy

Bravo TV's Fab Five, the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy guys, take on medieval re-enactor Eric Zseller in the July 18 episode of the series.

Seraph Ball: A Midsummer Night's Dream

Bring goblet, plate and dancing shoes To rid yourself of weekday blues. Come dine, come sing, and mostly dance, And mayhap try a game of chance. From summer's heat and blazing Sol To Voyagers, come one and all!  

Their Excellencies Jason and Morgaine, and the College of the Voyagers, bid you welcome for an afternoon and evening of dancing, dining, singing, gaming and more dancing! In honor of the Bard's clever comedy, come dressed as Location:
College of the Voyagers (Pasadena, California)

Poor Man's Pennsic XIV

The Shire of Falcon's Keep cordially invites you to attend Poor Man's Pennsic XIV August 4th - 6th, AS XLI Friday at Noon to Sunday at Noon At the North Wood County Park On County Trunk A between Marshfield and Pittsville.

Once again it is time for Poor Man's Pennsic. This is a two day camping event.

We will have heavy and light weapons, equestrian, archery, throwing weapons, a medieval fashion show, silent auction, many merchants and various classes. Location:
Shire of Falcon's Keep (Marshfield, Wisconsin)

Report & Photos from All the Stick You Can Eat 2

Elashava bas Riva, Seneschal for the Kingdom of Northshield, reports on the recent All the Stick You Can Eat 2 event and shares her photos.