Archive - Jun 10, 2006

Castle Fever Photos Online

Mary Loomer Oliver of the Kingdom of Northshield has posted photos from the recent Castle Fever event. Castle Fever took place June 3, 2006 in Oronoco, Minnesota.

Leonardo and the Elephant

Multispectrum imaging has recently revealed a series of "under drawings" beneath the paint of Leonard Da Vinci's famous Adoration of the Magi, including one drawing of an elephant.

Today in the Middle Ages: June 10, 1190

Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa died while crossing a river on June 10, 1190.

Dracula's Family Gets Castle Back

The popular Romanian tourist attraction Bran Castle, associated with Vlad the Impaler and known as "Dracula's Castle," has been returned to the heir of the Habsburg family. The state had seized the castle when Communist rule began in Romania after World War II.