Archive - May 8, 2006

Gunther and Kora New Heirs to Meridies

Lady Flannait of the Shire of Beau Fort reports that Sir Gunther, inspired by Baroness Kora, was the victor of the recent Crown Tournament in the Kingdom of Meridies.

Best Little Army

Two Armies crouched in battle formation on opposing sides of the meadow. The Archers loose! The Cavalries charge! The Infantries crash together and the battle..... ~~~~~~~o~~~~~~~

Armies consist of:
1 Archer,
1 Equestrian and
1 Armored Fighter.

Form your own now and compete to be the Best Little Army in Artemisia.

Two divisions:
1) Regular Armies of comrades formed to be highly competitive units. Location:
Barony of Arn Hold (Glenns Ferry, Idaho)

Travel in Croatia

Travel writer James Stewart writes for Times on Line about travel in Croatia.

Æthelmearc Summer Æcademy

The Barony of the Rhydderich Hael is happy to host the Summer Æthelmearc Æcademy, on Saturday, July 15th at the Erie Community College, North Campus at 6205 Main Street, Williamsville, New York.

First: The site fee for this event is only $4 dollars!! Really only four dollars!! Anyone under 18 gets in free, and lunch is included.

The site will open at 9am with classes commencing at 10am. We have a number Location:
Barony of the Rhydderich Hael (Williamsville, New York)

Atlantia Kingdom Heralds & Scribes Symposium

Please join us for an all day extravaganza of classes and workshops to satisfy heralds and scribes of every level of experience! Bring your pens and paper, books and tabards and share in the wealth of knowledge that the Kingdom of Atlantia has to offer!

Arts & Sciences Activities:
Heraldic and Scribal classes will be held all day. A schedule of the classes is available on the website. Location:
Canton of Buckston on Eno (Durham, North Carolina)

Mid May Festival

The frigid winds of winter have given way to the gentle warm breezes of spring in the far northern reaches of Artemisia. The Incipient Shire of Windegate invites one and all to our Mid-May Festival and Champion Tourneys. We call upon all artisans to showcase their latest efforts whether they are completed works, works in progress or performance pieces. Judging will be by kingdom standards and the victor shall serve as champion for one year. The arts and sciences competition is open to all with no restriction upon who may serve as champion. Not champion of your own group? Come try to be champion of ours. Location:
Incipient Shire of Windegate (Shelby, Montana)

Western Martial Arts Workshop

The Schola Saint George is proud to announce that we are combining our International Swordsmanship Symposium with the Western Martial Arts Workshop (WMAW) for 2006 to create what will surely be the most spectacular Western martial arts event held October 13 - 15 in Lewisville, TX.

The City of Lewisville 20 minutes from DFW International Airport and just 20 minutes north of Dallas, the site offers three large classrooms and four smaller class areas, as well as a central vendor area. This year, a demonstration stage will also be available for groups and individuals. Location:
Schola Saint George (Lewisville, Texas)

Today in the Middle Ages: May 8, 1373

Seriously ill, Dame Julian of Norwich had a series of visions of Christ's love on May 8, 1373. She spent years in contemplation of their meaning, finally producing Revelations of Divine Love, the first known English book written by a woman.

Photos of Sumptuous Feast at Midrealm Coronation

THL Francesca de Onorati has announced that photos from the elaborate feast prepared for the recent Coronation of Felix and Madeleina in the Middle Kingdom are now available online.