Archive - Dec 30, 2006

Viking swordplay in Iceland

Members of Rimmugýgur, a club dedicated to the research of Viking culture and sword fighting founded in 1997, show off their prowess with sword and shield for a reporter from the Iceland Review.

Chau Daddy!

Hip hop artist Baba Brinkman has found inspiration for his music in an unusual place: the works of 14th century English poet Geoffrey Chaucer.

Brawny Academy Trains Renaissance Men

Brawny men joust on tricycles over a mud pit for the sake of a lady fair, and later learn to dance in Episode 4 of the Brawny Academy, an on-line series of videos promoting the Brawny brand of paper towels.

Winter Wonders XXI

Camelot has come and gone and only the land remains. Enter the forest of the Green Knight if you dare to find the Lord and Lady Winter who can break the season's icy snare. Amidst snow drifts and trees capped with white crowns an archer's, bard's, and warrior's challenge can be found. Prove you are a "Man of Green" to end this wintry scene. Come to Ardanroe for Winter Wonders and feast under the ancient limbs and starry sky, or stay at home, and frozen tears cry. The frozen darkness of the Forest of the Green Knight beckons. Where does your courage lie? Hear the Bards after feast Saturday night. Location:
Shire of Ardanroe (Lake Bistineau State Park, Louisiana)