Archive - Sep 1, 2005

Bloggers Learn of SCA While Hitchhiking

Dayffydd is a nice guy. He picked up a couple of hitchhikers on his way to Pennsic and, lo and behold, ends up with a mention in their cross-country blog.

Meridies now able to accept direct cash donations for hurricane relief

Her Majesty Lethrenn, Queen of Meridies, has published an update on the Kingdom's fundraising efforts for disaster relief.

PI PDF Subscriptions to Help Hurricane Relief

Mistress Heirusalem Crystoma, Publisher of The Pennsic Independent, plans to donate over 80% of the revenue from PDF subscriptions to the disaster relief effort.

Hadrian's Wall Threatened by Tourists

Archaeologists for UNESCO World Heritage are worried that tourist activity at Scotland's Hadrian's Wall has damaged parts of the structure and recommend the restricting of some sections from the public.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for SCAdians working or living in disaster area

When professional rescuers or relief workers are faced with occupational stress, they call upon a Critical Incident Stress Debriefing specialist to help handle the situation. A professional in this field is offering her services free to SCAdians affected by the Hurricane Katrina disaster.

Pennsic Science Fair

Master Kirk FitzDavid reports that an album of photos chronicling the Pennsic "Science Fair" has been posted by Lord Kenric from Ealdormere.

Airport scene of quiet, heartwarming heroism

"This world is full of heroes most of us never get to meet," writes Aaron faheud Swiftrunner in this LiveJournal entry, telling of acts of quiet goodness he witnessed at an airport this week.

Song dedicated to courage of SCAdians in path of Katrina

Master Aaron faheud Swiftrunner, a bard in the Middle Kingdom, offers this song dedicated to the courage of our brothers and sisters in the southern kingdoms.

Clother's Guild to Collect Garb for Meridies

Katharine Devereaux, St. Anne's Clothier's Guild Mistress, has announced that the Guild will collect garb, cloth and sewing supplies to be sent to SCA members affected by Hurricane Katrina.

AEthelmearc Court Featured in Photo Album

Illadore has posted photos featuring AEthelmearc activites at Pennsic 34.

Discussion Lists Created to Coordinate Relief Efforts -- UPDATED

Three YahooGroups discussion lists have been created to help coordinate relief efforts for those SCA members affected by Hurricane Katrina and other disasters.

Katrina Forces Cancellation of Meridian Grand Tourney

Ancyra reports that the upcoming Meridian Grand Tourney has been cancelled due to the ravages of Hurricane Katrina.