Archive - 2004

January 23rd

New Exhibit on the Trevelyon Miscellany at the Folger

"Word and Image: The Trevelyon Miscellany of 1608" is on display in the main exhibition hall at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, DC, through May 22, 2004.

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? Lots, if you check out Dame Aoife's annotated list of links pertaining to names.

January 22nd

Cyrus Arurilius Victorious in Oertha Coronet

Cyrus Arurilius, fighting for Amber Kenna, defeated Fergus MacThomais to win the January 17, 2004, Oertha Coronet.

SCA Insurance Coverage for Trailers

Meg Baron, President, SCA Inc., comments on insurance coverage for SCA-owned trailers and the vehicles that pull them.

Settmour Swamp to Host East Kingdom Cooking Collegium

The East Kingdom Cooking Collegium will take place January 24, 2004 in the Barony of Settmour Swamp (Whippany, NJ).

"Mo" Ransomed in the East Kingdom

Lady Zaneta Gavlinne Angiolieri of the Northern Shores Royal Travel Fund in the East Kingdom has announced that thanks to the generosity of many good gentles "Mo" has been ransomed from Robin the Hood for a sum of $125.49 CDN.

January 21st

AEthelmearc Fall Coronation Photos Online

Photos of the Coronation of His Majesty Henri of AEthelmearc are now available online.

SCA Board of Directors to Meet in Calontir

The Board of Directors for the SCA will meet January 24, 2004 in Kansas City, Missouri (USA).

Kansas Reporter Gets a Taste of Medieval Combat

Topeka Capital-Journal: Reporter Tim Hrenchir of the Topeka Capital-Journal visited Calontir's recent War Maneuvers at Kansas Expocentre's Landon Arena and shared his thoughts on SCA-style medieval combat.

The Printer's Art of Medieval Woodcuts

Newsletter editors take note as Dame Aoife shares her sources for information on medieval woodcuts.

Viking Patio Discovered in Scotland?

Herald: The discovery of a Viking "patio" conjures mental images of post-raid burnoffs or relaxing evenings in the hottub.

Master John ap Griffin Hospitalized

Master John ap Griffin, former member of the Board of Directors, and early member of the Kingdom of the West and Kingdom of Caid, is currently hospitalized recovering from a heart attack.

January 20th

Free Scholars of the Academie d'Espee to Hold Charity Tourney

Their Majesties of Atlantia have announced that the Free Scholars of the Academie d'Espee will host a charity tournament at the Tourney of Ymir, Febuary 13th-15th, 2004, to benefit the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

January 19th

Duncan and Gillian to be Three Rivers Baron and Baroness

Their Majesties JoeAngus and Phaedra of the Kingdom of Calontir have announced the upcoming investiture of the new Baron and Baroness of Three Rivers.

Indonesian Ship Traces Ancient Trade Route

IAfrica: A replica of an 8th century Indonesian ship will retrace an ancient trade route between Asia and Africa.

Court Photos from Middle Kingdom Twelfth Night's Publisher, Iustinos Tekton, provides 82 photos from Royal Court at last weekend's Twelfth Night celebration, and a brief review of a feast that was saved from near-disaster.

New House of Courtesans Demonstrates Commitment to Service

A brand new household in the Middle Kingdom made its debut at the 12th Night Event in the Barony of the Middle Marches.

"Divine Right" of SCA Kings Promotes Discussion

Laurellen de Brandevin, of the Kingdom of AnTir, has been working on a survey project relating to the Divine Right of Kings in the SCA.

January 18th

Newspaper Article Looks at Fencing in Southern Michigan

News Herald: Paula Evans Neuman reports on SCA fencing in Southern Michigan in an article for the News-Herald.

Herbal Interest Group in Calontir

Herbalists in the Kingdom of Calontir have formed an interest group for the study of herbs and plants.

Museum of London Ponders Fate of Skeletons

Guardian Unlimited: The Museum of London has 20,000 skeletons in its closet and is being urged to give them Christian burial.

January 17th

2nd Century Roman Ship Discovered in Naples

IOL: An excavation for a new subway in Naples, Italy has unearthed a 2nd century Roman ship complete with hundreds of amphorae.

Lochac 12th night A&S Winners Announced

Lady Katerina da Brescia, Kingdom of Lochac A&S Minister, has announced the winners of the recent 12th Night A&S Competition, along with new photos of entries.

British Strive to Make History Relevant to Students

News Telegraph: Students taking GCSE history examinations will be able to evaluate television programs and museums as part of their course work.

January 16th

Latin Makes a Comeback in American Schools

Delaware News Journal: The push for higher test scores has generated new interest in the study and teaching of Latin in America's classrooms.

West Kingdom Portraits Online

A beautiful collection of portraits taken by professional photographer Kevin Connery is now available online.

The Witches of Suffolk

East Anglian Daily Times: Macabre finds at Suffolk, England's Rookyard Farm have residents wondering about witchcraft.

January 15th

Last Chance to Purchase "In Service to the Dream"

Mythos Productions, the film company that made "In Service to the Dream," is currently selling off the last of the copies of the SCA documentary. The company will *not* be going out of business, but will be closing its store.

Robin Netherton to Lecture at University of Illinois

All Things Medieval, the student interest group at the University of Illinois-Springfield, and the Shire of Swordcliffe, will host a free day-long seminar by medieval clothing expert Robin Netherton.

Metal Casting

Dame Aoife share resources for metal casting in this week's column.