Archive - Apr 7, 2004

"The Princess Bride" Quiz

Using only 8 questions, this quiz will tell you which character you most resemble from the movie.

The Aberdeen Bestiary

The digitized version of the Aberdeen Bestiary is part of the Special Libraries and Archives maintain by the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Full-page images are presented, as well as details of the illuminations and other significant features. A translation of the Latin text is included.

Stefan's Florilegium Additions for April 2004

THL Stefan li Rous offers updates to "Stefan's Florilegium" for April.

Photos from East Kingdom University Online

Sebastiano has posted photos from the recent East Kingdom University, which was held in Havre des Glaces.

"Monster House" Goes Historical

Discovery Channel's hit series "Monster House" has been looking to history for inspiration in a number of its recent episodes.