Archive - Apr 22, 2004

Drachenwald Adds Another New Shire

Barcsi Janos, Chatelain and New Groups Coordinator, has announced the formation of another new group in Drachenwald: Blauwasser.

Regalis Universtias Merdies

Event: The Shire of An Dun Thiene, along with the Chancellors of The Royal University of Meridies, presents Regalis Universitas Meridies (RUM).

Tina Chancey to Join Blackmore's Night

Early muscian Tina Chancey, known to many in the Kingdom of Atlantia, will become the newest member of Renaissance rock band Blackmore's Night. staff reporter Karen Larsdatter has the details.

The Field Battle for Rapier, Gulf Wars XIII

Battered Blade: "Ansteorra, the Texan kingdom, had won every contested field battle in every war. There seemed little chance of unseating the reigning champions, but we had hopes..."

Chester's Roman Amphitheatre to be Unearthed

Daily Post: A three-year project to excavate Chester's Roman amphitheatre has begun, with hopes of attracting forty thousand visitors a year.