Archive - Feb 8, 2004

Ealdormere Creates a New Pelican

Ealdormere's newest Pelican is Baroness Tabitha Dearval.

Newport Ship Linked to Earl of Warwick

News Telegraph: The Earl of Warwick, England's "Kingmaker," may have ordered repairs to the Newport ship, discovered in 2002 in South Wales, according to a 1469 letter.

"Beauty Contest" at Rowany Festival

John of the Hills has announced the Fourth Annual Best Looking Campsite with Banners and Flags at Rowany Festival Competition, which will take place April 8-13, 2004 in Lochac's Barony of Rowany.

Blaeu Atlas of Scotland Available Online

A digital version of the "Blaeu Atlas of Scotland," the country's first atlas, is now available online.