Archive - Oct 3, 2004

First Cistercian Nunnery in Scotland Excavated

St. Leonard's, the oldest Cistercian nunnery in Scotland, is the site of a new excavation that has delivered on its promise of impressive artifacts.

Sabrina Welserin's Wine Pudding

Original(c) Valoise Armstrong 1998:

44. To make a wine pudding Take grated bread crumbs, brown them in fat until they become crisp, put in good wine and egg yolks in it and sweeten to taste.

Redaction (and it's to die for, even with non-alcoholic wine!)

The simplicity of this recipe belies its exquisite taste. We made some changes to the original to appeal to modern diners: The bread was cut into irregular chunks rather than as crumbs, since one gets a pasty baby food texture otherwise (as evinced by a previous redaction). Also, we finished it in the oven with a small sprinkling of sugar to make the dish look as appealing as it tasted. The overall appearance was thus more of a rustic bread pudding, which was more acceptable to the diners. For strict authenticity, however, the crumbs should be used, and the Wine Pudding should be served without the finishing steps below. Be sure to use a good wine, slightly sweet and preferably German.

On the stove top in an oven-proof pan:

Melt butter. Add breadcrumbs and allow the bottom layer to brown. Stir once, and allow to brown carefully again. The browning adds an important flavor element and great texture contrast, but it's easy to burn the cubes. Add 2 1/2 cups of wine, sugar, and egg yolks. Stir well to mix but don't break up the bread cubes. Cook over low heat briefly to set the yolks. Remove from heat, sprinkle with perhaps 2 tbsp sugar and place under the broiler (set to a low broil) to brown, watching carefully that it doesn't burn. When browned on top, serve warm.

Oerthans Gather at Old Buzzard Inn

Herr Wilhelm von Düsseldorf, autocrat for Old Buzzard Inn, reports on the festivities at this year's event.

Norman Pillar Uncovered in Coventry

A pillar from the Benedictine Priority Cathedral, which was destroyed during the reign of Henry VIII, has been unearthed in Coventry, England.