Archive - Jan 28, 2004

"Swords, Spinning and Medieval Times" at SCA Demo

Herald-Sun: Herald-Sun reporter Beth Velliquette reports on the activities at the "Medieval Festival" demo co-sponsored by the SCA and the Carolina Club at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Emrys Victorious in East Kingdom Squires Tourney

Emrys was victorious over Ceawlin Alredsonin in the final round of the recent East Kingdom Squires Tourney.

Fencing Magazine Seeking Contributions

Nick Evangelista, editor of "Fencers Quarterly Magazine," is looking for articles about fencing in the SCA.

Arctic Lake Pollution Dates to the Middle Ages

The Toronto Star: Slimy pollution in a shallow Arctic lake is the result of Thule Inuit hunters who dumped sewage and fertilizer into the water between the 13th and 17th centuries.

Roman Building Techniques Brought to Light

Discovery Channel: A perfectly-preserved store of slake lime has shed new light on Roman building techniques.

University of Atlantia to Present Wealth of Classes

The University of Atlantia, which will take place February 7, 2004 in the Shire of Berley Cort (Courtland, Virginia), will provide 30 tracks of programming.

New Shire created in the Kingdom of Lochac

The former Canton of Krae Glas is now the newest Shire in the Kingdom of Lochac.