Archive - Jan 15, 2004

Last Chance to Purchase "In Service to the Dream"

Mythos Productions, the film company that made "In Service to the Dream," is currently selling off the last of the copies of the SCA documentary. The company will *not* be going out of business, but will be closing its store.

Robin Netherton to Lecture at University of Illinois

All Things Medieval, the student interest group at the University of Illinois-Springfield, and the Shire of Swordcliffe, will host a free day-long seminar by medieval clothing expert Robin Netherton.

Metal Casting

Dame Aoife share resources for metal casting in this week's column.

Atlantian 12th Night Photos Online

Caterine St. Loe has announced that her lord, Steven Weymark, has made available a number of photos taken at the January 2004 Atlantian 12th Night.

Scottish Music Teacher Recreates Ancient Horn

John Kenny, a Scottish musicologist, is helping to recreate an ancient silver trumpet used in the Middle East.