Archive - Sep 2003

September 1st

Mittion Victorious in Trimaris Crown Tourney

Duke Mittion von Weald has won the right to crown his lady, Brighid Caileen of the Moors, as Queen of Trimaris.

Burial Mounds, Cistercian Abbey, Chapel and Medieval Cemetery Unearthed near Chester

IC Northwales: Excavations of a site near the Duke of Westminster's Eaton estate in Chester, England may provide work for archaeologists for many years. A new dig shows that the area has known human habitation dating back 9,000 years.

1st Century Jewish Farmhouse Discovered Near Ptora in Israel Contractors working on the Trans-Israel Highway have found the remains of a first century Jewish farmhouse.

Razed 16th Century Mosque Straddled 10th Century Hindu Temple

AFP: Indian archaeologists have found a medieval Hindu temple under the remains of an Islamic shrine that was razed by Hindus in 1992, a report unveiled in court said.