Archive - Sep 15, 2003

Medieval Science on the Internet

The Medieval Science Page provides links to Internet resources with respect to medieval science of both Western and other cultures.

Sir Ulf Bloodfoot Victorious in Tir Righ's Second Coronet

Sir Ulf Bloodfoot was the winner of the September 13 Coronet Tournament in Tir Righ.

Scientists Study Medieval Gunpowder

A gunpowder made from mixture of charcoal, saltpeter and sulfur -- like the gunpowder used in the 14th century -- equals the explosive force of the 20th century version, according to a report presented at the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

6th Century Graves Threatened by the Sea

A team of scientists from the University of Central Lancashire is working to save more than 100 graves, dating from the 6th century, from washing into the ocean on an island in North Wales.