Archive - Sep 12, 2003

Jonathon and Deille Newly-Crowned Heirs of Atenveldt

Jonathon von Trotha and Deille of Farnham have been crowned as Prince and Princess of Atenveldt after Jonathon defeated Sir Phaelin and Sir Craven in the final rounds of the Tournament.

Unknown Celtic Goddess Identified at British Museum

Scientists working on artifacts from a site in Hertfordshire, England have identified a statue of Senua, a Roman-British goddess previosly unknown to scholars, discovered along with a treasure of gold and silver offerings.

Stefan's Florilegium Updated

THLord Stefan li Rous, keeper of Stefan's Florilegium, has added new information to the website.

Archaeologists Studying 14th Century English Garden

National Geographic News: At Whittington Castle in Shropshire, in England, archaeologists are studying the buried remains of an elaborate garden, originally built in the first half of the 14th century.

"Bog People" Exhibit Travels to Calgary

The "Bog People" Exhibit, which led to controversary when it opened last December in Ottawa, has moved to Calgary, Alberta, and will open October 18, 2003.

What Comes After Q? Arrrrrr!

Always long to have a pirate name? This quiz can help!