Archive - Sep 10, 2003

3,000-Year-Old Stone Circle Discovered on Lewis

Archaeologists believe a stone circle measuring 30m and dating from 3,000 years ago may be second in importance only to Stonehenge.

Harvest Raid to Feature Gun Demo

Harvest Raid, to be held in the Shire of Heronter (Bemus Point, NY) October 3-5,2003, will feature a demo by 15th century Swiss Handgonner Max Schilling.

"Killer Icon" Removed from St. Petersburg's Hermitage

Pravda: A "biofield" surrounding an icon housed in the Hermitage Museum caused weakness, headaches and high blood pressure, leading to the artwork's removal from public display.

Documents Show Medieval Russia Through the Eyes of a Child

Hundreds of birchbark drawings dating from the 11th through 15th centuries have given a new insight into life in medieval Russia. Among the documents are a number of children's drawings.

"London and Country Brewer" Available Online

As part of Project Guttenberg, the "London and Country Brewer" is now available in digital format.