Archive - Jul 8, 2003

SCAdian On Stage in Production of Camelot

Lord Duncan of Skeene, Huscarl of Calontir, invites his fellow SCA members to attend the Topeka Civic Theatre's production of Camelot July 11-August 9, 2003 and play "How Many SCA Artifacts Can You Find in the Show?"

Russian Ethnologist Discusses the Role of the Spindle in Folklore

Svetlana Zhulnickova, who works for the Russian open air museum Karelia, has spent many years researching traditional Russian practices and how they affect folklore. In 1999, she gave a lecture on the use of the spindle in world folklore.

East Kingdom Has New Subject

Their Majesties of the East Kingdom have a new subject today: an 8 lbs, 14 oz baby boy.

Farmers Spread Celtic Language into Britain 6,000 Years Ago

A Reuters article reports that geneticist Peter Forster of the University of Cambridge has produced a study indicating that farmers carried the Celtic language through the British Isles, Ireland, and France over 6,000 ago.

"Finding Our Past" Tour to Salute Amateur Archaeologists

The Journal: The Mildenhall Treasure will return to East Anglia as part of a touring exhibition highlighting treasures found by British amateur archaeologists.

Baghdad Museum Will Reopen

Washington Post: The controversial Iraqi National Museum will re-open its doors Thursday July 10, 2003 with a glittering exhibit of the Treasures of Nimrud.

Church Rebuilding Project Delayed for Excavation of Hanakuma Castle

Daily Yomiuri: Kobe Eiko Church, damaged in an earthquake in 1995, will have to wait a little longer for repairs as researchers excavate archaeological sites from three separate periods, including the ruins of Hanakuma Castle.