Archive - Apr 22, 2003

Online Publications List Offers Wealth of Research Material on SCA-Related Topics

An annotated list of publications of interest to SCA members is available online.

Hadrian's Wall Walking Path

Guardian Unlimited: The 84-mile-long restored Hadrian's Wall is now the world's most expensive walking path, costing

Medieval Chapel and Graveyard Discovered in Norwick

Shetland Times: Archaeologists are investigating what may well be the remains of a medieval chapel and Norse graveyard unearthed during the extension of a modern cemetery.

Falcons Used to Control NYC Park Pigeons

Falconer Thomas Cullen is using hawks to control the pigeon problem in New York's Bryant Park.

Dragon's Head Still a Mystery in Lincoln

Lincolnshire Echo: An 850-year-old stone dragon's head has been discovered beneath a car showroom in Lincoln, England.