Archive - Apr 17, 2003

Medieval and SCA Archery Sources

Aoife shares annotated links pertaining to medieval archery, including many SCA-related sites, Archery periodicals and sites for archery groups.

"Pennsic Harvest for Hunger" Chosen as Name for Food Drive

Lady Elizabet Marshall has announced the winner of the contest to choose a name for the Pennsic Food Drive.

Metropolitan Museum of Art to Present Manuscript Exhibit

This fall, the Robert Lehman Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art will present "Treasures of a Lost Art: Italian Manuscript Painting of the Middle Ages and Renaissance."

Baroness Katherine Jade of Bayley Becomes Peer

At East Kingdom Court, Baroness Katherine Jade of Bayley was elevated to the Order of the Pelican.

Incandescent Replacement Units of SCA Concern

How many SCAdians does it take to change a lightbulb?

News Reporter Takes "A Step Back" in Calontir

Springfield News-Leader: The April 15, 2003 issue of the Springfield News-Leader contains a story by Sherrie Voss Matthews called "A Step Back," which covers Calontir's recent Coronation.

De Humani Corporis Fabrica Online

An annotated translation of the 1543 and 1555 editions of Andreas Vesalius' De Humani Corporis Fabrica is online at Northwestern University

Medieval Period Warmer Than Modern, Scientists Say Contrary to popular thought, the Earth during the Middle Ages was warmer than today.

Medieval UFOs

Do Medieval and Renaissance paintings offer evidence of UFOs? You be the judge.

Pennsic Range Welcomes Young Archers

Children will once again be welcome on the Pennsic Archery Range. The Honorable Lady Roewynne, the Youth Archery Marshal, is seeking help and ideas to make the activity more challenging and fun for young archers.