Archive - Apr 14, 2003

National Museum of Iraq Looted

Daily Telegraph: Baghdad's largest archaeological museum, which contained artifacts from ancient civilizations, has been looted.

Count Alaric of Sartiano Wins Caid Crown Tourney

His Excellency Count Alaric of Sartiano, fighting for Baroness Carynsa Leeland of Roseberry, won Crown Tournament in Caid April 12, 2003.

Restructuring of SCA Funding Proposal Still Open for Comments to the Board of Directors

Duke Sir Frederick of Holland has again asked for comments on his reform policy for SCA funding.

Grad Student Researches Identity and the SCA

Muirenn ingean Donnduban (Lisa Keith), a graduate student at Central Missouri State University and a member of the SCA, is researching the SCA for her Masters Thesis and would like input from members around the Known World.

Pennsic Youth Combat Tournament in Need of Prizes

Ellesbeth Donofrey reports that the East Kingdom will be sponsoring a Youth Boffer Tournament at this year's Pennsic War and is seeking the donation of prizes.

"How a Man Shall be Armyd" Website Teaches Armoring Terms

Looking for a fun way to learn about armor? Try "How a Man Shall be Armyd."

Choral Mass to be Performed at Lochac Festival

Rhiannon Ewias Ferch Ifor reports that the 3-part Mass (minus the Credo) by William Byrd will be performed at this year's Rowany Festival, April 20 (Easter) in Yass, NSW, Australia.