Archive - Mar 28, 2003

Theft of SCA Gear Includes Coronet

A trailer belonging to Brian Thornbird has been stolen from Union City, CA. The trailer contained a great deal of SCA-related equipment.

Atlantia Welcomes New Citizen

Their Majesties of Atlantia have a new subject: Jessica Mary Elizabeth Bright.

Notes on Story Comment Forums

Want to post your comments to an story? Here are some tips that will help you make the most of this feature.

Medieval Seals Project Seeks Letters of Support

Historians at the University of Durham in England are seeking letters of support for a project to create a website for research of medieval seals.

Introducing Leonardo da Vinci

In her weekly column, Aoife shares her annotated research links on the ultimate Renaissance man: Leonardo da Vinci.

HavenHolde Alliance Corporate Secretary Answers Project's Critics

Members HavenHolde Alliance project team say the project has been unfairly maligned by comments posted by readers of their press release, and a corporate official offers this response to the criticism.

Baron Offers Tips for Medieval Amusement

A website hosted by Baron Modar Neznanich explains the rules to many Medieval and Renaissance games.

Ancient Swords Discovered in Turkey

Discovery News: A cache of swords, reported to be the oldest yet discovered, has been found in southeast Anatolia, Turkey.