Archive - Mar 25, 2003

Persian Gulf Casualty Report Strikes Home with Midrealm Family

Navy Lieutenant Thomas Mullen Adams, killed in action in a helicopter crash in the Persian Gulf conflict, was the nephew of two Midrealm subjects. By the family's kind permission, we share their story with you.

Lochac Festival to Feature Banner and Flag Contest

A "Best Looking Banners and Flags Campsite Competition" will take place at the Rowany Festival in Lochac with the goal of improving the medieval look of the festival.

Sutton Hoo Visitor Center to Present Far Fetched Treasures

EDP24: The Sutton Hoo Visitor Center, opened last March, will present "Far Fetched Treasures" though May 31, 2003.

Online Quiz Tests Knowledge of Medieval Women Throughout history, women have helped to shape the worlds of politics, literature, medicine, and even military conquest. Take this quiz to see how much you know about some of history's most influential ladies.

Lego Blacksmithing Leads the List of Smithy Weblinks

Aiofe's links list this week covers blacksmithing and metalworking, including one for a Lego blacksmith shop.