Archive - Mar 20, 2003

Web Site Offers Detailed Persona Research Articles

A new web site, "Down to the Day", offers help to those who wish to research their Middle Ages persona in great detail.

HavenHolde Alliance Incorporates, In Quest for Permanent SCA Land

The HavenHolde Alliance, a group proposing to create a nonprofit, permanent site for an SCA-friendly village, is now officially incorporated as the HavenHolde Alliance in the state of West Virginia.

Saxon Settlement Found Under Chocolate Factory

A medieval best buckle, discovered when workers tore down an old Nestle factory in Norwich, England, has led scientists to unearth the remains of a Saxon settlement.

Iron Age Burial Discovery May be Scotland's Richest Site

The Herald: The discovery of an Iron Age warrior complete with sword and adornments may herald the richest archaeological site in Scotland.

Instructors Needed for Northern Shores War Camp

Arglwydd Gruffyd the Innocent, Northern Shores Deputy Chancellor, has sent out a plea for instructors for the upcoming University at Northern Shores War Camp.

Southern California Author Creates Modern Code of Chivalry

Using the Code of Chivalry to address ethical issues and personal dilemmas in business, education, relationships, parenting and sports, author and speaker Scott Farrell brings the Seven Knightly Virtues to the modern world.