Archive - Mar 18, 2003

An Tir Kingdom A&S Photos Online

Photographs from the An Tir Kingdom A&S Competition held in Montengarde are now available online.

Brightest Supernova in Recorded History is Period for SCA

NASA: Did your persona see it? May 1, 1006 CE, a new star appeared in the sky. Recorded by astronomers and astrologers in many countries, the star is now known to be a supernova.

Rowany Festival Challenge Answered

Their Majesties of Lochac have commanded Their subjects to raise a Companie of fighters for the upcoming Rowany Festival (April 18-21, 2003). Luan O'Cliaranach an Fael, Captain Company of the Wolf Rampant, has taken up the challenge and plans to run a Pas D'Armes for light fighters.

Feasting from A to Z

Mistress Aoibheil of Dun Holen will be presenting a hands-on class on planning and executing a feast at the AEthelmearc Academy June 21, 2003 in Steltonwald, Barony Debatable Lands. The class will be entitled "SCA Feast - From Beginning to End."