Archive - Dec 5, 2003

New King Arthur Film to Debut in July 2004

A new King Arthur film, with a post Roman Britain slant, is scheduled to open in theaters in July 2004.

Da Vinci's Flyer Comes to Life

Discovery News: Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine really does fly!

NPR's Ira Glass Admits Radio is Less Popular Than Jousting

Onion A.V. Club: In an interview for the Onion A.V. Club, popular public radio personality Ira Glass admitted that jousting just might be more popular than public radio.

Museum Exhibit Lost at Los Angeles Airport

En route to an exhibit at the Middle Eastern Studies Association of North America conference in Anchorage, the world famous Palestine Costume Archive travelling exhibit was lost. Now a worldwide plea has gone out to help locate and return the exhibit to its rightful owners.