Archive - Nov 2003

November 6th

900-Year-Old Ship Found in Rice Field

A sailing vessel believed to have sunk off the coast of India 900 years ago has been discovered buried under a rice field.

November 5th

Shire of Burning Sands Reactivated

In Atenveldt, Their Majesties and the Kingdom Seneschal have announced that the formerly-inactive Shire of Burning Sands has been reactivated.

Letter to Editor Urges Presumption of Innocence

Morning Call: An SCA member, in a letter to the editor, urges local citizens to keep an open mind about criminal accusations against the former East Kingdom Dean of Pages.

Racism a Non-Issue for Romans

Discovery: Research seems to show that Roman society was not racist.

"Men In Skirts" at the Met

"Bravehearts: Men in Skirts," an exhibit on the appropriation of feminine elements in men's clothing, will be on display at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art through February 8, 2004.

Final Court of Their Majesties Erick and Nichelle of Atenveldt

Court Report: Baroness Katharine of Cate Hall has kindly provided a detailed report of the final Court of Their Majesties Erick and Nichelle of Atenveldt.

November 4th

Instructors Needed for Gulf Wars

Class Coordinators Mistress Brigit Olesdottir and Master Erik of Telemark are seeking instructors for Gulf Wars XIII, to be held March 15-21 in Lumberton, Mississippi (USA).

Roman Boat Discovered in the Netherlands

A Roman barge, used to deliver stone for fortifications, has been discovered in Woerden in the Netherlands.

AEthelmearc Man Featured in News Story

Times Observer: Lord Ian Kennevan (Ian Ashbaugh) from the Shire of Heronter was featured recently in an article by Warren, PA "Times Observer" reporter Jude Dippold.

More Photos from Lochac Crown Tourney Online

There are now even more photos from Lochac's recent Crown Tournament available online.

East Kingdom Welcomes New Subject

Their Majesties of the East have a new subject. Kieran Michael Garrity was born Sunday, October 26, 2003.

Atenveldt Seneschal Asks Help in Locating Stolen Regalia

Duchess Katerina O'Callaghan, Atenveldt Kingdom Seneschal, sends an open letter to the populace of the Known World asking for your assistance in finding the stolen regalia.

Medieval Friary Reveals 14th Century Underpants

The excavations at the Augustinian Friary in Hull, England have revealed a treasure hoard of medieval artifacts.

November 3rd

Photos of Stolen Atenveldt Regalia

Can you help recover the stolen regalia from Atenveldt?

Uppity Women of AEthelmearc

The Rhydderich Hael Scribal Guild is working on a calendar for sale as a fund raiser, featuring the "Uppity Women of AEthelmearc."

"Jesus, Mary and Da Vinci" to Air on ABC [SPOILER]

A controversial program based on Dan Brown's best-selling book, "The Da Vinci Code" will air on ABC News November 3, 2003.

Aedward Steadfast and Yolande Kesteven New Royal Heirs in Lochac

The Barony of Aneala hosted Lochac's November Crown this past weekend. Viscount Sir Aedward Steadfast won the honor of crowning his inspiration, Viscountess Yolande Kesteven.

Ansteorrans Hail New Royal Heirs

Miguel de Oporto has won the Ansteorran Coronet for the honor of his inspiration, Conal Alexandria O'Riordain.

Outlands Crown Tournament Photos Online

An Outlands photographer has posted an online album of photos from the September Crown Tournament.

Calontir Welcomes New Royalty

Siridean and Sile are the new Prince and Princess of Calontir following the November 1, 2003 Crown Tourney.

"Remote Groups" Listserve Created

A listserve has been created to help isolated SCA groups keep in touch and share ideas.

November 1st

Medieval History Magazine

A new magazine specifically dedicated to medieval history is now available.

Punta Dritta Online

"Punta Dritta," the newsletter of Lochac's Academy of Defense, is now available online.

California SCA Merchant's Shop Destroyed by Wildfires

"Brass Axe and the Rose", a merchant serving events in the western United States, has closed indefinitely after their home and business were destroyed by the forest fires in California.

Lochac Adds to Population

Simon MacFaolain has announced the birth of his daughter, Isabella Joan, on October 30, 2003.

October 31st

Digital Canterbury Tales

In celebration of the anniversary of Chaucer's death, the two earliest version of the "Canterbury Tales" have been digitized and are now available online.