Archive - Nov 12, 2003

Alleged Sexual Abuse Case Now National Story

The Cable News Network and the Associated Press have now picked up the story of sexual abuse allegations against Ben Schragger, known in the SCA as Ben the Steward.

SCA Rapier Gear Stolen in Meridies

THL Elijah Cameron of Black Isle reports the recent theft of his van, which contained his rapier gear, in Savannah, Georgia in the Kingdom of Meridies.

A Pocketbook Threat: Medieval Institute Publications Online Bookstore

The Western Michigan University Medieval Institute Publications online bookstore is now open.

2002 Blackfox Award Winners Announced

Honor of Restormel, Deputy Society Chronicler, has announced the winners of the William Blackfox Awards for 2002.

Roman Sites Explored in Serbia and Romania

IPS: Archaeologists have now been able to resume excavations of a number of Roman sites in Serbia and Romania, including an underwater expedition in the Danube River.