Archive - Nov 2003

November 30th

King Harold to be Disinterred

Guardian Unlimited: If archaeologists have their way, a tomb containing remains, which may or may not be those of King Harold, the last Anglo Saxon ruler of England, will soon be opened.

Dirk MacMartin Made Knight in Calontir

On the Calontir list, Thyri announced that Dirk MacMartin has been made a knight.

SCA/LHA Join Forces for 12th Night in East Kingdom

Members of Smoking Rocks in southeast Massachusetts will be teaming up with members of the Living History Association for a Twelfth Night celebration January 10, 2004.

November 29th

British Producer Seeks Experts to Design "Super Weapons"

East Kingdom List: Matthew Catling, a British television producer for Darlow Smithson Productions Ltd, is looking for a select group of people to design, build test ancient "super weapons."

Ealdormere's Golden Seamstress Competition Updated

Autocrat THL Mauvrneen MacKellar has announced that Ealdormere's first ever Golden Seamstress Competition will be held March 19-20, 2004 in Burford, Ontario. There have been changes to both site and date for the event.

November 28th

"Ghost Fleet" Leads Researchers to Pisa Lagoon Researchers working on the remains of a Roman "ghost fleet" found buried in the mud near the Italian city of Pisa, now believe that the city may have been built on a lagoon, much like early Venice.

Tang Dynasty Ruins Uncovered in Three Gorges Area

Travel in China: A large and well-preserved cultural center dating to the Tang Dynasty has been discovered in the Three Gorges area of China.

Shakespeare to be Analyzed by Computer

Discovery Channel: A new study will use computers to analyze stylistics in the works of William Shakespeare in order to determine authorship.

November 27th

14th Century Jewish Scroll Recovered

Daily News: A 14th-century kabbalistic manuscript, stolen by the Nazis during World War II, has been recovered and presented to the Jewish Community Organization of Vienna.

Saint Ivan the Terrible?

Washington Post: Some Russians are now putting pressure on the Russian Orthodox Church to canonize Ivan the Terrible.

November 26th

Study Says Medieval New World Map Is Real

AP: Scholars continue to debate the authenticity of a map said to have been made fifty years before Columbus set sail. The map, if authentic, could be one of the first to show the New World.

When Good Tapestries Go Bad It's just....wrong. A news parody site has collected some truly warped creations from the do-it-yourself Bayeux Tapestry web site.

West Sussex Tomb May Contain Remains of King Harold II

Historians believe that a tomb at Holy Trinity Church in Bosham, West Sussex, may be the final resting place of King Harold II, who was killed at the Battle of Hastings.

Burial Mound May Include Viking Longship

Researchers from the University of Oslo believe that an oval shape which has come up on radar studies of a burial mound near Toensberg may be a Viking longship.

November 25th

Article Examines SCA History, Customs, and Values

Morning Call: The local newspaper that broke the story about the Ben Schragger child abuse allegations has followed that series of articles with a feature story on the SCA itself.

Airspeed Velocity of Swallows Calculated

Information vital to any member of the SCA is now available online: Calculating the velocity of an unladen swallow!

Lampworking on the Web

Dame Aoife shares links for medieval lampworking and glass bead lampworking on the web.

November 25th

Dark Ages Re-Creation Company at Cranbrook Institute of Science

The Dark Ages Re-creation Company (DARC) will be visiting the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Detroit, Michigan (USA) November 29-30, 2003 to promote "Full Circle, First Contact," a traveling exhibit showing Viking influence on the new world.

Shard Laughlin, Pennsic Merchant, Dies After Fall

Shard Laughlin, merchant and member of the SCA, died November 9, 2003 at the age of 35 in the Chicago area after a fall from a ladder.

Prism Coffeehouse to Host Welsh Music Workshop

The Prism Coffeehouse in Charlottesville, VA, will play host to a Welsh Music featuring harpist Robin Huw Bowen, November 26, 2003.

November 23rd

Atlantian Ban on Visible Modern Armor Soon in Effect

In the Kingdom of Atlantia, law section 10.1.4 banning armor of overtly modern appearance at Kingdom events, will be in effect as of December 1, 2003.

Kensington Runestone on Loan to Sweden

Echo Press: The famous Kensington Runestone will be on display at the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, Sweden until the end of January, 2004.

November 22nd

History of the Lottery

NASPL: The North American Association of State and Provincial Libraries has created a short timeline on the history of lotteries.

New Zealand Discovered by the Chinese?

Ashburton Guardian: Cedric Bell, a British amateur archaeologist, believes that the Chinese may have discovered New Zealand over two thousand years ago.

Register for Gulf Wars Online

Gentles attending Gulf Wars XIII may now register online.

November 21st

New Exhibit on Archaeological Discoveries at the British Museum

"Buried Treasure: Finding Our Past" will be on display at the British Museum from November 21, 2003, through March 14, 2004.

Fire Damages Historic Church

A medieval church in Skien, Norway was damaged recently when fire broke out, destroying the church's organ.

Rowany Festival Photos Online

Photos from the 2003 Rowany Festival in the Kingdom of Lochac are now available online.

November 20th

Final Class List for RUM for College of Martial Arts

The Royal University of the Midrealm (RUM) event, held on Saturday, November 22, offers a variety of classes in the arts martial. Legio Draconis has an updated list.

Artemisian Seeks Financial Help for Bone Marrow Transplant

Lady Dub Essa O'Fidhne of Artemisia, with sponsorship of the National Transplant Assistance Fund, is asking fellow SCAdians for help in paying for a bone marrow transplant for leukemia.