Archive - Oct 2003

October 15th

New Heirs to Throne in Artemisia

Konrad Von Krixen and Kortland Stirling Mayfaire are the new Royal Heirs in Artemisia, as of October 12.

Fencing Instructor Featured on TLC's "A Dating Story"

Fencing instructor Tristan Clair de Lune (Ken Mondschein) was teamed with "Carrie" for a blind date on TLC's "A Dating Story."

Arturius - A Quest For Camelot

The mystery is solved, believes D. F. Carroll, who after 6 years of research gives a name to the actual historical King Arthur.

October 14th

Edmund and Leta to Become New Baron and Baroness of Politarchopolis

Their Majesties Alaric and Nerissa of Lochac have announced that Lord Edmund Ale Conner and Mistress Leta von Goslar will become the new Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Politarchopolis in Canberra, Australia.

Eirene Born to East Kingdom Residents

Eirene, baby daughter of Lord Matsuyama Mokurai and Mistress Anne Liese Wolkenhaar, was born October 10, 2003 in the East Kingdom.

Elizabethan Costume Review

Lady Katherine Rowberd, an afficianato of Elizabethan garb, has an annotated website with famous portraits from the Elizabethan era.

AEthelmearc Welcomes New Heirs

Sir Maynard was victorious in the Saturday October 11, 2003 AEthelmearc Crown Tournament.

Berkeley SCA: Still Active After All These Years!

Daily Californian: Reporter Amelia Mularz of the Daily Californian covers the College of Sainte Katherine, the Berkeley, CA chapter of the SCA.

October 13th

The Mystery of St. Peter's Bones

Atlantic: Journalist Tom Mueller discusses the controversy of the bones of St. Peter in an article for The Atlantic.

Photos from Drachenwald's Civil War Online

Raven has posted photos and film from the Kingdom of Drachenwald's 2003 Civil War.

October 12th

Historic Tale Construction Kit

Create your own Bayeux Tapestry without the effort of tedious embroidery, using an interactive web program.

Vinland Map Forgery Debate Continues

Daily Press: Michael Henchman, a professor at Brandeis University, believes the Vinland Map to be a forgery.

Artes Draconis Website Revamped

Mistress Siobhan O'Neill, editor of "Artes Draconis," the A&S publication for the Midrealm, has announced that the website has a new look.

October 11th

Long Man of Wilmington a Renaissance Construct?

News Telegraph: New research on England's tallest chalk hill figure has revealed that the "Long Man of Wilmington" dates from the 16th century.

Stefan's Florilegium Updates for October

THL Stefan li Rous offers the latest additions to the Florilegium.

October 10th

6th Century Artifacts Discovered in Ha Noi

VNA: Thousands of artifacts dating to the 6th century have been unearthed in downtown Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments

Edited by Steven Muhlberger, 'Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments' is a resource library of historical accounts and modern commentary on the martial aspects of the Middle Ages.

New SCA Teen Discussion List Announced

Another discussion list has been created for teens in the SCA. Dame Aoife has details.

East Kingdom Welcomes Natalie Jane

Lord Maeryk the Rogue has announced the birth of Natalie Jane Adler der Rogue.

Kingdom Crusades to Feature Chirurgeon Activities

Lady Clelia of the Mists has announced that Kingdom Crusades, which will take place October 10-12, 2003 in Darlington, MD (co-sponsored by the East Kingdom and Atlantia), will offer classes and a book display for Chirurgeons.

October 9th

MIT Offers History Class Notes Online

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has released course notes and syllabi for many of their classes, including several history courses.

Renascence Editions -- English Publications from 1477 to 1799

An unusual web site provides a repository of selected publications printed in English from the year 1477 CE, when Caxton started printing, to 1799 CE.

Medieval Millinery

This week Dame Aoife shares resources for medieval and renaissance hair dressing and head coverings.

October 7th

Italian SCA Group Featured on AFN

AFN: Campofiamme, the SCA stronghold in Naples, Italy, is featured on the Armed Forces Network website.

Pirates Invade the Internet

What comes after Q? Arrrrrr. It's pirates all the way as Dame Aoife shares her links for websites dealing with historical pirates.

October 6th

Boudica Comes to PBS

PBS's Masterpiece Theatre series will present "Warrior Queen," the story of the tribal queen in first century Britain, on October 12, 2003.

Medieval Technical Difficulties

Not your usual error message, read it carefully.

Reform of Marshallate Proposed to Board of Directors

Master William de Montegilt has proposed changes to the structure of the Marshallate within the SCA regarding safety and equipment standards for combat-related activities.

Legends - Facts and Fictions of Heroism, Romance, and Adventure

'Legends' offers a thoughtful and historical consideration of why characters such as Beowulf, King Arthur, and Robin Hood still have an impact today on music, fiction and film.

October 5th

"Step into History" at Over 500 Living History Sites

If your ideal vacation is visiting a living history museum, you might want to take a look at the "Step into History" website, which lists over 500 living history museums across the United States.